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Do catch my latest blog post on Shimmering Shadow Box!

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Hello all!
Do visit my latest blogpost about Igor.  Hope you like it!  Happy Sunday and many Thanks!

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Flower Power!
Hello all! Again this week went by so quickly, though it's not Monday yet (well in 10mins it will be - for Singapore ^^) and I'm already missing my weekend!  I hope you guys have spent a fruitful week and as for me, I do =) For the 2 past weeks, besides bei...

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Pin that 'School Board'!
There are generally 2 school terms in my country.  The first term starts in January with a one month holiday break in June and thereafter the second term starts in July.  Well, school term definitely differs between countries...Regardless, I believe there i...

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Showing Shadow Box
I bought 2 shadow boxes out of impulse sometime ago and I was quite at a lost at how to use them, partly because I've only tried simple altering on small boxes but not "full fledged" mixed media art with anything before. The opportunity came for me (to use ...

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Birthday Blinks!
Just recently, I realized that there are actually some "standard embellishments" that I like adding to the cards and layouts that I make.  They are Blinks, Flowers, Pearls and Lace Ribbons. Though not in order of preference, I do seems to like adding blinks...

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A birthday card! My first try at crackle paint was ... overly careful ^O^
Had coated a very thin layer of the crackle paint on the words "Happy Birthday"
Just wondering have anyone of you ever go all the way and gotten adventurous with crackle paint before? 
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Hi all,
If you are touring Bangkok-Chatuchak Market or Bangkok-Chinatown, do check out these paper flowers.
You can spot these flowers in loads of baskets or stack up in shelves of local craft shops.  They come in different sizes and colours.  Can't resist buying them...
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Hello everyone!  I'm new in this community.  I love scrapbooking and I'm constantly amazed by how the creative projects made out from scrapbooking and papers. I have lots more to learn!
My works are still pretty much amateurish.  
Here's a display that I've altered from some boxes awhile back and would like to share it with everyone.  Cheers!
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