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Rebecca Elle
Give Without Hesitation. Love Without Reservation.
Give Without Hesitation. Love Without Reservation.

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David's Last Words
THESE......are David's LAST words. (2 Samuel 23) you know.....the David who messed up ROYALLY? The David who slept with another man's wife and then purposefully had him stand in the FRONT line of battle so he'd be killed? THIS man.... His last words were...

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He's a GOOD Father
"How can such a GOOD God allow such heartache? So much grief? "It's not FAIR" How often I hear these words...... how EASY it would be for ME to ask such questions.   My children are being raised without their father.  I am doing life without my husband.   B...

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Take it BACK!
It would be far easier for me to surrender to defeat. Surrender to "what is". To give up hope of anything ever being different than it is in this moment HERE.   Sometimes breaking {FREE} takes effort.   Sometimes it's a grit-your-teeth-dig-in-your-heels-bul...

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The View From the Top
I climbed a mountain today.  Well, Kennesaw Mountain.   But it might as well have been Everest. It wasn't pretty. In fact, it was downright ugly. I got a small glimpse of the view from the top about halfway up. Every cell in my body and every fiber of my BE...

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Facing the Hard Things
Life isn't easy.   If you've lived any amount of time you've already discovered that. It's messy. It's trying. It's uncomfortable. It's HARD.   Every day we are faced with tiny decisions that make up our entire day....each day laying up for us an entire lif...

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Miracles Happen in our Simple Offerings
God can display his power in fireworks and grandeur. . ......But sometimes He uses fish and bread. If
you are waiting for just the right moment, a sacrifice big enough,  a
grand opportunity or a bigger stage .... the right words or a more
influential and...

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There are no Shortcuts
      We come to resent the process.  Longing to find a short cut.  Wanting to forgo this leg of the journey.  It's uncomfortable and HARD.  Sometimes painful and exhausting.  Grief.  Transition. Unforeseen circumstances.....everyday LIFE.  We try to naviga...

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Being Faithful in a Foreign Land
"Bloom where you are planted" I'm sure we've all heard that at some point in our lives.  It's what God told the Jews in exile. Jeremiah 29 records the story of the Israelites' exile into Babylon.  I can only imagine how HELPLESS and HOPELESS they felt being...

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When you think things will never change
It's so easy to surrender to hopelessness thinking nothing is ever going to change. Wondering how much more you can bear. Thinking the next wave is the one that's going to take you under. It hurts so much and you wonder how much more it will hurt before the...
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