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Offline maps; no internet required after downloading them. Map quality equivalent or better than TomTom's, and it's free :D

Well here we go. Seems I wasn't the only one with this thought:

> Introducing Backer: crowd funding for features

Previous post from me:

Google+ is now telling me that someone commented on a video on Youtube.

Remember when Youtube's homepage itself showed that information about friends? I unfriended everyone and only kept subscriptions.

Guess what.

No, no, I won't do that again. Google+ ain't like that. It's a social network; I don't come here for videos. So that means there is no reason for me to stay.

Good game, Google+. You lost.

PS. I'm on Facebook now too. :)

I thought of letters as an (optionally) anonymous way of transferring a small object or information, but never realized you can get someone's DNA from the stamp and sealing the letter. Even using gloves and hairnets, better watch out what you lick :p

I never tried, but the glue on the stamp and letter get sticky by moisture right? I mean, would water work instead of saliva?

Randomthought: a future where all software is open source and people can jump in and write features anytime. They just report how much time they worked on it, and if their code is used, they get paid. The more in demand a feature is, the more they get paid. This way people have an incentive to implement things that society wants, there is no more hassle of getting hired, and open software means a free society (as in freedom).

But I'm sure there are also 99 problems with this idea.

Awesome g+, telling me there are 2 new posts in my stream. Both from nearly two weeks ago, one from myself. Way to go and make the network seem active...

I think one of the most telling differences between Windows and GNU/Linux is that in Windows I had a cluttered desktop whereas in Linux it contains only mounts (and even those go unused).

By a cluttered desktop, I really mean this:

It might also just be that I've grown a bit older, organize things better now that I've got many more years of archives (and backups), and maybe it's not Windows that's at fault here?

Heh. Wrong. I just noticed how cluttered my Windows 7 VM got after just two months of use (I need, as in, I'm required to use it for school).

In GNU/Linux everything is just in place. I don't need to keep a sort of "current projects" or "temp" folder on your desktop, I just put things where they belong automatically.

This is also what slows so many Windows systems down, all that garbage that it collects over the years months and which is littered all over the system by all sorts of programs. Linux software usually just doesn't have that kind of trouble.

TL;DR of previous post: I won't be using Google+ anymore.

Oh and I forgot to CC some google employees. Not that they ever respond, but for the off-hand chance that it's actually true what they say and they do listen to feedback: +Brian Glick +Blake O'Hare

Youtube at first:
Omg look at all our amazing features!

Youtube later:
But we're loosing money. Oh gawd what do we do. Oh right, Google became huge company by showing ads near their core product (search), likewise we can show ads on videos.

Youtube now:
Hey look what your subscriptions and friends just liked!
Sidenote: I unfriended everyone on Youtube when they did that.

Google Reader at first:
Look at our awesome features!

Google Reader later:
Still running great over here!

Google Reader now:

Google+ at first:
Hahaha look at Featureless Facebook!

Google+' previous update:
Well Facebook did have some stuff that made users share more info about themselves, and our system doesn't seem to work as well, but we've ported these features now!

Google+' latest update:
Ok Facebook was right. If we don't show what your friends Like®d (or +1'd) then the network looks dead. Let's just do what Facebook does and flood everyone's streams with random shit others did.
Sidenote: I thought it was totally ridiculous that Facebook showed in your stream what your friends liked.

Goodbye Google+.

Oh and I recently joined Facebook and use Twitter for a good while too. Guess that makes me one of the crowd now. Sorry Google+, you were awesome but you deteriorated until you became no better than the mainstream shit.
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