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Rose Obsidian
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Ruby Rose


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That last one kills me XD

rose sits up and holds her head, groaning, she looks down and finds that she's tied down although she is in the sleeping chambers. A figure is standing over her

???- "You think you're real slick don't ya little girl?"

Rose, confused tries to move but fails and knows that as long as the warden is gone, she is at the mercy of the figure standing above her

(RP Open to anyone!)




Name: Rose Obsidian

Prisoner's Number: 1

Age: 19

Race: fallen angel

Appearance: Ruby red hair and Sapphire eyes, slightly tinted to look like zircon. Prison uniform and a scarred wrist. A "tattoo" that looks like angel wings on my back. I'm 5'5", skinny and small. I look and feel vulnerable, but I have a passion and a spirit that refuses to break.

W.A.Y.I.P: Framed for murder

Rebellion: Yes

Bio: I seem to be like any other mortal. My hair is always messy and my eyes always look tired but no one suspected I would ever do anything wrong. That is, until I went to my best friend's, who pulled a gun on her girlfriend. I took the blame and was sentenced to 20 years in prison.

I wake up, tied down and I stare up the cameras surrounding me, I'm not sure where I am but suddenly I hear a voice and a figure walks in the door

"Hello Rose~ It's time for your.... Interrogation~"

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Hey guys wanna know what I think when I see crystals like this?

"Huh...these gems are almost as beautiful as my followers!"
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Fayail Azores

Age: 19

Occupation: Master's pet

Race: Faunus

Distinguishing features: Tiger eye Jasper eyes and cat ears

(Any other questions I'd be happy to answer just post them below)


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I told someone today that their eyes remind me of Zircon and that Zircon is more beautiful than diamond and because eyes are the window to the soul his soul is more beautiful than diamond. He teared up

What is so hard to understand about self-control?! If you say you respect someone then self-control shouldn't be difficult! Am I cursed or something? Idfk...ignore me...that's why I made this community anyway
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