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Dear Dolphin fans,

Thanks for joining this test for our brand-new Dolphin V11 Beta version. Hope you find a better browsing experience and the coolest features here.

Download here:
Android 4.1 and above:   http://goo.gl/OuaMvD
Android 4.0 and below:  http://goo.gl/PiU9Zg

What’s new
- Brand-new adaptive UI provides you the best experience on different sized screens
- Improved right side bar with most used page options embedded, such as full screen, night mode, etc.
- Redesigned bottom menu bar
- Improved Dolphin Connect to sync bookmarks, open tabs across multiple devices
- Added cloud tabs and recently closed to Tab List
- Added cool features to bookmarks, such as sorting, importing/exporting 
- Added more than 40 cool themes, all for free
- One Tap add-on which allows Dolphin to float on your phone
- Reorganized settings
- Integrated Dolphin Jetpack on Android 4.1+ devices
Gesture/Sonar access: Drag up Dolphin shaped button in menu bar
Quick-close current tab: Drag up tab list button in menu bar
Settings access: Tap Dolphin shaped button in menu bar, then Settings appears in the left-bottom corner

Please send your feedback to support@dolphin.com. We value all your comments and strive to provide the best product and service to you.
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+Dolphin Support I love the new update, but I would also love to get the reload page button back to the bottom so I don't have to reach all the way up. Otherwise, fantastic improvements!
Mike L
I noticed spam all over the place in both communities. Reported all I could find.
Just an FYI. I get a 404 Error on your community URL.

Edit: It's now fixed.
+Adam Deslauriers
Have you joined Dolphin Browser New Feature Tester community? When did you get the 404 Error? After clicking the download link?
Yeh u hv to click tge top where it says Dolphin Browser New Feature Tester n then red button Join Community before the links can work
The new ui obviously needs work since it's still in beta, but it doesn't feel as efficient as the current official build.

Why can't you drag the control panel to the right when swiping on the control panel to close it? Why do less bookmarks fit in the speed dial page? Why did the control panel options get turned into icons crammed in the top of the page?

The most natural resting position when holding a phone is the middle/bottom. Useful features like desktop mode, refresh page, and other things should not all be located at the top.

Adaptive ui is kind of misleading if it's only adjusting the scale depending on resolution. A customizable ui is required for this to be better than the old ui.

Now that I've uninstalled the beta and reinstalled v10 all of my settings have been reset because I wasn't using a sync account. Amazing.

Tip: if it isn't broken, don't fix it. v10 of dolphin has virtually no issues. v11 is not improving what has already been made good. Improving on v10 should be the main priority, not completely redesigning the ui and making it more convoluted.
+Shaun Ong
Have you updated to the new version of Dolphin Browser successfully now?
problem with download file .rar and .zip!!! 
Beta Version is working satisfactory.
I just have 1 issue.
When I Try to tap in
"Google Search" I can't ❗
I can't even type 1 character in the Search Box❗
Hi chris

I used to have have that problem in my previous version but the new beta I can now search (I.e. when I click on the textfield I can start typing in a word) prev when I clicked nothing happens.
David K
Last update is great espcially I love night mode.. 
+Simone J
Hey Simone, could you detail the download issue? You are not able to download file.rar and .zip?
Sepol 1
Bardzo fajnie wygląda, no i fajny pomysl z nowym wyglądem. Ale trochę się zacina przy wlaczaniu, no i w wersji beta nie mozna dodać nowej strony do szybkiego wybierania tylko do zakladek można. No i program do odtwarzania video jest jakiś malo dopracowany.

Sepol 1
+Melody Zou dzięki za pomoc. Mam androida 4.1 i zainstalowalem z tego linka od Ciebie i bez zmian. Aplikacja nadal się zacina. No ale przecież to beta
Thank you. Everything is fine but themes needs more working. I use samsung galaxy note 10.1 2014 and in landscape mode theme wallpapers are so stretched it loses quality and image does't fit even if I try to customaze theme with my own wallpaper 
Hi Chris, could you tell me your device model and Android version? The keybord overlaps search bar?
+Zgonisław Jabolec
Hey, thanks for your feedback.Could you explain more about stuck on power issue? And for the speed dial, you can tap dolphin-shaped buttom>Add>Add speed dial.
+Mikheil Didebashvili
Hey Mikheil, thanks for your support. I will transfer you suggestion to the rest of the team about the theme.
My Issue with imputting in the "Search" box Is Rectified❗ I downloaded the 4.1!
I have the LG G3
Thank You
Where is the "Share Page" (or URL) when you long press the address bar? :(
Sepol 1
U mnie juz mogę dodać strony do szybkiego wybierania. Tylko nadal mam problem z tym ze przeglądarka się zacina. 
Ive tested v11 a couple days and I went back to previous versión I found V11 very laggy
+Lauren Hamburg
 There is no "Share page" option when you long press the address bar any more. You can tap menu(dolphin-shaped button)>Share to share page.
+Zgonisław Jabolec
Hey, sorry for the inconvience. What is your device model and Android version? Could you detail the stuck issue? When does Dolphin Browser stuck?
Sepol 1
+Melody Zou Alcatel one touch star mój android Jelly Bean 4.1.1. Problem jest jak włączam Dolphin Browser i jak pojawia się strona szybkiego wybierania to wtedy Dolphin się zatrzymuje i nic nie mogę zrobić. Muszę czekać aż pojawi się "czekaj, zgloś błąd, wymuś zamknięcie". Przy ponownym włączeniu Dolphin działa ok.  
So I just joined and have been using 11 all day. As far as I can see all it is is a GUI update and Jet Pack is still as buggy as ever. Have to disable jet pack to get a lot of sites to render correctly.
Sepol 1
Wyłączyłem Jet Pack i jest lepiej. 
Sepol 1
Jak zrezygnować z bycia testerem Dolphin, bo chcę wrócić do wcześniejszej wersji, bo teraz nie widzę jej w sklepie Play.
Mk Ch
Thanks man from saving me all the trouble! I had gone crazy for that beta version but i now realize what's at stake.
Sepol 1
Po odinstalowaniu dolphin 11 i zainstalowaniu dolphin 10 i dolphin jetpack,teraz na starej wersji też mam problemy po wlaczeniu zacina się. Nie wiem czy to przez zainstalowanie wersji beta czy cos mi się dzieje z telefonem
Just to let you know. I love this. So far no problems. I use it everyday
Вопрос состоит в том что не могу зайти в учетную запись на вашем браузере.
Что только не использовал. Вытер все данные, переустановил, пробовал под разными аккаунтами google, facebook, dolphin, ничего мне не помогло.
1. При входе в учетную запись google выдает ошибку:
(org.apache.http.conn.HttpHostConnectException: Connection to https://sen.delphin-browser.com refuset).
2. При входе в учетную запись facebook:
(Ошибка сети, проверьте сетевое соединение и попробуйте еще раз).

Спасибо Вам за ответы на мои вопросы.
+Melody Zou Hello. I used to use and it was all good. Yesterday broke. 
Dolphin account (Network error, please check your network connection and try again.)
Sorry for my bad English.
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