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Natalie Vellacott
From Police Sergeant to Christian Missionary!
From Police Sergeant to Christian Missionary!

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10 Things You Must Do Before Going to Church For The First Time
There are some things that a
person wishing to go to church for the first time must know. There are
requirements and regulations and accepted standards that everyone needs to
adhere to. God also has a list of things that He checks when someone goes into
a c...

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Why It's Not Okay For a Christian to Date, Court or Marry a Non-Believer
It's safe to say that the enemy
is having a field day in the area of unequal yokes (believers becoming
romantically entangled with non-believers.) I would go as far as to suggest
that it is the biggest danger and strongest area of temptation a Christian can...

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10 Suggestions for Evangelism
I know lots of people who want to
share the Gospel but either don’t know where to start or are afraid of taking
the first step. I thought it might be helpful to share some ideas or methods
that can be used. There are some big suggestions that may be dauntin...

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Help, I've Committed the Unforgiveable Sin!
I was thinking about writing a
post on prayer, but I’ve had some discussions recently with people about
something that troubles them a lot—the “unforgiveable sin,” mentioned in
Matthew 12.  “Therefore, I tell you, every sin and blasphemy will be forgiven

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The Fool Says in His Heart, "There is No God."
There is a story about an atheist
minding his own business whilst standing on the shore and looking out to sea.
He is approached by a man who gives him a Gospel tract. Glancing at it, the atheist
becomes angry, tears up the tract and throws it at the by now...

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Is the Gospel the Answer to Every Problem?
Most of us analyse problems and
situations and look for logical or sensible solutions. We often focus on the
practical rather than the spiritual. It is human nature. It is also the natural
tendency of Christians to think practically in the first instance be...

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Why I Won't Be Watching "The Shack"
Reviewing books on Goodreads, I
find that many of my most popular reviews are actually those where I have given
a one star rating. I have also observed that these tend to be the best-selling
books especially in the Christian book market. ( The Purpose Drive...
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