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Swapper for Root user
swapper, android, swap, partition, fat32, fat, ext, swp
swapper, android, swap, partition, fat32, fat, ext, swp


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Hi guys!

If you want became a Swapper Beta Tester, now you can enjoy in this community!

We are searching for an Android 2.3 device owner for out test, if you have one you are welcome!


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Try our new word game!

Enjoy to The Challenge!

Hi Guys!

We have released Swapper for Root v. 2.0.1!

Now you can choose the swap.swp file location, with a Directory Chooser!

Update your app and reconfigure it!


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Hi Guys,

from our Team, our first Game: Hyper-Sphere!

With Swapper, your experience is too much better :D!

In our +DevLab Technologies company page, you can write about Hyper-Sphere ;)


PS: If this link is broken, it is because Play Store need a little bit of time to publish the production version: be patient and retry ;)!

Hi Guys!

There's a new version!
Now we can find the SD if it is inside the path /sdcard/external_sd.

If you can't see the FAT partition of your external SD, tell us which directory your android rom use to identify your SD and we add it!


PS: we have added ads in our free version. Support us!

"Swapper for Root user" is used by 109.925 users and it is installed in 21.131 devices world-wide!

Thanks folks!

Hi Swapper Users!

How do you feel your android device with Swapper ;)?

Can you tell me which device and custom rom you use?

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