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"I'm speakin Swaghili."


Developing for Android professionally. Forgot how much I hated using images with it...

Relatively pleased with #WWDC  today. #ios7  is a good hit. It definitely takes design cues from Android and WP7 but thats what these products do. But it's far enough ahead of those platform designs to be called an evolution of the designs.

#Mavericks  does what any yearly OS update should do, fixes upon the shortcomings of its predecessor while staying present with the rest of the product lines.  And the new airs are in my wish list.

New pro looks like a garbage can in the renders. Depends on the size really. But hey, it's not for me so my opinion doesn't matter.

Can't wait until Samsung's photos' app icon turns into a pallet instead of a flower though ;)

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My Pebble finally came in :)

Okay two columns was fine. But when I refreshed the page and a third column appeared, now it's a bit much. Looks like pinterest+

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Well... Guess that means my library is now obsolete...
Very happy to announce a new design pattern for the Android Design Guide: The Navigation Drawer.

Navigation drawers have been a community-driven pattern for a while. We have now formalized its use on the Android platform with a new chapter in the official Android Design Guide. If you're interested in using this pattern in your app, or want to update your existing drawer to match best practices and recommendations, head on over and take a look.

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Get it.

#io13   #androidstudio   #android   #dev  

:| Am I watching a theatrical performance with bad actors, or an announcement for a phone with lackluster features?

The latter would be fine, if they just said "Here's the phone. It's an update. New hardware, better screen, battery, Android 4.2.2, and some software we put on it that everyone will turn off. Good night."
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