For the curious and frustrated! Dresden Files Evocation at its base elements. I'm going to do this real quick. Feel free to ask questions! This isn't a proper FATE Tutorial or FATE TutCOREial. Just for kicks!


Our spell power = up to Conviction +1. Take 1 mental stress regardless of spell power.

With a Superb (+5) conviction our spell power can be +6. 

More power? Sure! We'll take (1) Shift of mental stress for every point above Conviction +1, in addition to that automatic (1) mental stress just for casing a spell.

Let's increase that +6 spell to a +8. That's going to cost us (3) shifts of mental stress. (1) from casting, (2) for the additional Shifts above our Conviction +1. We're going to fire a spear of flame through a tank with this kind of power.

But we need to control it! Our spell's power is the number we need to reach with our Discipline, lest things go out of control. That's +8. Yikes. Well, we have a Great (+4) Discipline. That means ... ugh. We still need ++++ (+4) on our FATE dice. ;_;

Okay, we've got the Aspect I Love Fire More Than Friends which we'll invoke for a FATE Point, meaning we only need ++ (+2) to succeed!

But we've rolled ++-- (for a total of +0)! We're (2) Shifts short of controlling our spell, and all out of FATE Points (being a wizard is expensive!).

We have two options. Fallout, and Backlash.

Fallout is what happens if we allow that lack of control to leak into the world around us. Disastrously! In our case, it's probably going to burn something down! We'll also lose those (2) Shifts we failed to control. Our spell will go back to being +6! Which we totes don't want. 

The other option is Backlash. We internalize those (2) Shifts we failed to control, and the spell remains +8. That tank is getting freakin' melted. But! We take another (2) Shifts of mental stress. That's going to bake our brain if we don't take a Consequence. 

Now, our Discipline roll is also our "to hit" roll. Fallout or Backlash, it's still just +6. Still not too shabby. That tank is probably way melted.

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