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MidFlorida Credit Union Amphitheatre
Today 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
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4802 US-301 Tampa, FL 33610
4802 U.S. 301USFloridaTampa33610
Amphitheater, Auditorium
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Today 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
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MIDFLORIDA Credit Union Amphitheatre is a Live Nation venue.
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"We will not come back to this amphitheater again, and will probably leave early."
"Have to agree sound quality was a bit sub-par but it always is in a big venue."
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"Worst concert venue I've ever been to."
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Stefanie Schatzman
2 weeks ago
Journey + Steve Miller Band - March 14, 2015 Section 6, Row/Box B, Seats 7, 8, & 9 I paid over $1,000 for three tickets at what I thought would be premium seats. They were the first "permanent" seats for seating above the floor area directly in front of the band. We were the front row between the walkway and the railing. We should have had basically the best seats in the place. However, MidFlorida set up plastic temporary seats along the railing. (I have been to the St. Pete Forum/Amalie several times and have never experienced this situation.) I don't know if these temporary seats were only available to VIPs or people with political connections. (I'm saying political because Pam Bondi or her look-alike was quietly sitting to the left of us in one of the temporary seats.) However, during the Steve Miller Band, 5 - 7 twenty-thirty something-year-olds came and stood in front of us. They were taller than us. Waving their hands, groping each other, lap dances, etc. and it progressed as the night went on. During Journey, which is what I wanted to see and paid the small fortune, they would turn to face us, hands waving in the air, and take selfies......One climbed and stood on the rail. Our seats and those in back of us, where at the same level....the rows did not gradually incline and so we were forced to watch the bands on either of the two jumbo screens on either side of the wall. The father beside me kept glancing over at us as he had two teenage girls and he knew that we were frustrated with these ill-mannered boars. Instead of the family getting to watch Journey (and they had paid the small fortune, too), they were watching the lap dancing, the groping, the no-space between the self-absorbed punks so they also had to watch the show on the jumbo screens. The father finally said something to the usher that was down on the floor beneath the railing and he spoke with the turds....however, that was good for a few minutes and now it was close to the end of the show. I give MidFlorida Amphitheatre a Zero! I hated it. They ruined the whole experience. After the show, from Amazon, I bought the "Don't Stop Believing' Everyman's JOURNEY DVD for roughly $30 and that was a much more enjoyable experience and definitely a better value. I will never, ever go to another event at MidFlorida Credit Union Amphitheatre. A total waste of money!
• • •
Bb Kk
a month ago
I have been to this venue several times and it is always the same. All the vocals and music mix together for horrible sound. This is not an Amphitheatre of any kind. It is the equivalent of sitting in a pit lined with trailers. All that metal causes horrible reverberation with tin effect. Most would assume that having an outdoor event in Florida would be a good idea but most of the time, it is way too hot. Rain is inevitable and after it stops, it is the like sitting in a sauna. Mix weather, horrible sound and how far it is away from anything and it is enough for me never to go back. The Amalie Arena/St Pete Times Forum/Tampa Bay Times Forum/Ice Palace has far better sound. Push to have artist perform there instead.
• • •
Cody Kelch
7 months ago
Parking is absolutely ridiculous. No signage and traffic was backed up everywhere. Complete chaos. Noone knows where they are going and no employees to provide answers. Herd behavior at its finest. When we were still in our car an hour and a half after the show started we decided to cut our losses and return home. AVOID AT ALL COSTS.
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Devin-Marcus McCants
9 months ago
That feeling you get when your upstairs neighbor is having a kick-ass party that you weren't invited to... and you have to be at work at 8:45 the next morning. That about sums up my experience last night at Mid-Florida Ampitheather. The guitar and the vocals were nearly inaudible. It sounded like they put a mic on the kick drum and then opened the gates. Thankfully Fall Out Boy (don't judge me) put on an incredible show and made up for what I was unable to hear.
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Brian Hensley Media
in the last week
Outstanding Venue
2 months ago
I've been to a few dozen shows at this venue. It has its good points and bad points. Parking, as most people have mentioned is terrible. for some inexplicable reason they will often leave the main gate located on 301 shut and direct people to the side entrance off MLK. My strategy is to get to the venue at least 90 minutes before showtime. This way you aren't stuck in traffic long after the show has begun. Tailgating is allowed in the parking lot and it's usually a fun party atmosphere. Plus the early arrival time allows you to "pre-lube" before having to buy 11.00 beers inside the venue. Leaving the parking lot after the show is worse than trying to get in. It's a free for all and you can plan on sitting in traffic at least an hour trying to exit the parking lot of a sold out show. So you have two choices : A) Leave early while the headliner is still playing, miss the best songs but get out before the throngs. Or...2) Just chill in the parking lot, let the drunks and people in a hurry clear out, wait till the parking lot is almost empty , then leave. The venue itself is pretty nice. I usually get lawn seats so I can socialize with a group of friends and enjoy a more laid back atmosphere. Security can be a bit overbearing in the seated ares. It's a concert folks: If you wanna stay seated , stay home on your couch. Lawn tickets are usually affordable and I take advantage of groupon deals as often as possible. As always, ticketmaster fees are exhorbitant on regular priced tickets. It's not unusual to have a 14.00 fee tacked onto an 18.00 lawn ticket. Somethings wrong there! The only drawback to the lawn is the volume could be a bit louder (okay , a lot louder) and bring a rain a poncho cuz it tends to rain here a lot during the summer! They have a nice variety of food and drink, but of course it's overpriced like every other venue. It is what it is. The bathrooms are spacious and usually clean. Most of the staff is helpful and friendly. I like the variety of music this venue draws. I go to most classic rock / metal shows and just this past year I got interested in the "New country" music and attended my first country concerts. I thoroughly enjoyed them and plan to attend 10 more this season. So in spite of my complaints above, the venue is good enough , close enough to home, and gets enough events I want to see, to keep me coming back.
• • •
Paul Teske
7 months ago
We went to the Ampitheater for the oddball comedy tour, 2014 to see Louis C.K. and Aziz Ansari. After waiting around in the muggy, rainy, late afternoon heat of a scorching Florida summer, we finally were allowed to take our seats a couple hours late. Any drink was $17 and security did nothing about the people smoking weed (some of us get random drug tests at our jobs). If it weren't for the person I was with, I would have walked out before Louis even took the stage. I used to watch Louis C.K. perform while recovering from cancer when I was in the Army, and seeing him live was literally on my bucket list because of how much joy he brought me in the hospital. Thanks for ruining the whole experience.
• • •
Courtney Wickham
9 months ago
The venue allows for tailgating. It's a very large field, that can get extremely muddy. It is a very long walk from the parking area. You are allowed to bring chairs in. We sat in the lawn for the concert, and we were pretty unimpressed. The lawn was a muddy horrible mess. Extremely poor drainage. We stood in mud up to our ankles throughout the entire show. The acoustics were also very poor in the lawn. It wasn't loud enough and we found ourselves struggling to hear the music. The restrooms were fairly clean and stocked, and there were several areas to buy beer. About 11 bucks for a 25 ounce can - pretty standard rates for concerts. Overall, we had a good time, but the mud was uncomfortable and the sound quality was lacking.
• • •