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The next big thing!

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Saturated Chat Beta v0.7 Trowel Release

New build is downloadable from our brand new website:

v0.7 Patch Notes

Name and IP input boxes (and button) now hide themselves while connected to a server.
Connected users list can be minimised/maximised using the PageUp and PageDown Keys.
Disconnect button added, and close button removed.
A name is now required to connect to a server. Names cannot contain: , . ; ' ` or space.
To reduce spam, messages can no longer be sent blank.
The app remembers the last server you attempted to connect to, and will open with the ip already in the box.
The app no longer crashed when the server it is connected to is shut down.
The app no longer freezes if an invalid ip is entered.
General bugfixes and stability fixes
Other bugfixes which were more complicated and I was too lazy to do properly so they will probably cause me problems in the future

- Fix a bug where two people with the same name connecting to a server causes the server to crash
- More anti spam probably
- Fix the connected users list

Suggestions welcome, contact us on this page, our twitter feed or at
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