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Hanalei, Kauai, Hawaii Travel Tips / Photography
Aloha from Hanalei Bay and Hanalei Town on Kauai's North Shore in Hawaii!
Aloha from Hanalei Bay and Hanalei Town on Kauai's North Shore in Hawaii!

Hanalei, Kauai, Hawaii Travel Tips / Photography's posts

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+Outside Television : Surfing the Ice Cold Water of Munich

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Breathtaking Waves 2017 // Olas Asombrosas 2017 +YouTube Playlist:

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Rider: Carlitos Di Pace

Tabla / Con el gun 9.8 Stoked

Mundial de ola grande Pico Alto. Perú. 2011


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History of Hanalei! - Book also has a great bird guide, and lots of photos!
#hawaii #books #hanalei #kauai #birdphotography #history
Hanalei: A Kaua'i River Town - A well-researched history of Hanalei with lots of historic photos as well as current-day photography in full color!
Many know Hanalei from the film South Pacific but few know the #history of this plantation town, which is protected by a bay, nourished by four rivers, and bordered by the treacherous #NaPaliCoast - it was in the Hanalei region that the volcano goddess Pele fell in love with Kaua‘i chief Lohi‘au.
In the early 1800s it was the site of a silkworm plantation that exported high-quality silk to Mazatlan and Mexico City. By 1920, Hanalei was the top rice-producing region in the Islands. Today, Hanalei continues to balance economic development with the values of its Hawaiian forebears.
Daniel Harrington’s thoroughly researched book chronicles the history of Hanalei, from the arrival of the #Polynesians nearly two thousand years ago to the unexpected visit of a pod of melon-headed whales in 2004. Augmented with photographs, reference #maps and a guide to the area’s #nativebirds -Hanalei: A Kaua‘i River Town brings the story of the town and its surrounding environs to life.
#hawaii   #kauai   #northshore   #birds   #photography  

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Congratulations Jamie Mitchell ~ Nazaré Challenge 2016!
#surfing   #nazare  
Jamie Mitchell claims the Nazaré Challenge 2016
The Australian big wave surfer was the standout athlete of the inaugural Nazaré Challenge, held in Praia do Norte, in Portugal.

#jamiemitchell #nazarechallenge #surfing

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Super Moon, 2012. Taken at ChinaMan's Hat, Oahu, Hawaii, 2 hours ago.

Lots of people have been posting about tonight's Perigee "Super moon" -- the largest and brightest moon of 2012. I had a vague idea that I wanted to shoot it as well when +Nicole S. Young reminded me of it with her post today... Then I forgot and got lost in shooting other things.

I had driven out to Kualoa Park and was shooting some in the opposite direction of the Super Moon when I noticed a gang of photographers assembling off in the distance. Several asked me if I was part of the "ISO club" ... I guess it's a local Hawaii photography group. "Oh yah! The Super Moon, I thought." But I kept shooting in the opposite direction, because I wasn't seeing any moon, let a lone a Super one.

While I was off minding my non-moon business, suddenly I heard a small cheer from a group of locals partying on the beach. The moon had just peaked its head above the water and clouds. I immediately realized I was in the worst position, far, far away from being in a place to get anything interesting. I started huffing over towards a spot on the beach where I could get a good angle of the moon as it rose next to a famous rock formation here called Chinaman's Hat.

Eventually I got into a position I liked and though I did capture a few more "standard" moon shots, this is the one I chose to share. By the time I took this shot, the entire photography club had gone home. I thought I was so smart because I'd waited it out and got this unique shot of the moon lighting up the entire sky behind the clouds! But I didn't feel so smart when I tried to leave the park 20 minutes later and found the gates locked.

I have a Jeep and I started looking for ways to 4x4 it out of there, but there were rock walls and huge barriers in every direction. Then I thought of calling some local police buddies I have... Then I thought I was going to be camping there all night! Hahaha.. Eventually I met some other locals who got stuck inside the park as well. Turns out I wasn't the only one who had been too busy paying attention to the moon to notice closing time! They had already contacted someone who came and let us all out. Phew! I was already feeling hungry!

Funny, last time I "disappeared" from the Interwebz for awhile, my return was precipitated by the desire to shoot and share the Lunar Eclipse that happened in December ( ). Likewise, I guess tonight's "super moon" marks my return. I decided to go for a little isolation this week, and hadn't been online much. As you can figure out from this post, I'm in Hawaii and have been enjoying some solitude and lots of photography, but not posting about it on Google+ . I think I'll start posting again, now. :-) Hello G+!

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Here's a shot at Big Beach, Maui this morning. Clear skies and fun South Swell coming in. Heading to Kauai this afternoon. Then onto Oahu for two events this weekend.
- Lihue, Kauai, Fri Aug 28 at Deja Vu Surf (6-8pm)
- Waikiki, Oahu, Sat Aug 29 at HIC Hawaiian Island Creations (7-9pm)
- Hawaii Kai, Oahu, Sun Aug 30 at Local Motion Hawaii Kai (1-3pm)
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