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The Latest
The Latest It’s May 21 st and the
weather feels like it’s August 21 st .   There’s one month more until it’s officially   summer but here in Miami we are already
feeling the effects of the heat and humidity.   I’m not complaining, I’m just stating the facts...

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Currently Trending
It's hard to keep up with my blog.  I do it on my own personal time and recently there hasn't been much personal time.  With work I've been working crazy long hours (not by choice) but it is what it is.  And when I do have free time I'm cooking or baking - ...

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That's A Keeper 7
It's that time again.  My round up of my favorite "keeper" recipes.  I currently have a stack of "to try" recipes that is growing and growing by the day.  I'm obsessed with cooking anything and everything.  A few people recently have offered to be my qualit...

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Hello Spring
Hello Spring Here in Miami there isn’t much of
a shift in the seasons.   The joke is that
it’s always hot and sometimes just a little less humid.   This winter we’ve had the warmest winter on record
(my brother is a meteorologist, I should know.)   But when...

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National Nutrition Month - "Put Your Best Fork Forward"
National Nutrition Month® - 2017 “National Nutrition Month® is a
nutrition education and information campaign sponsored annually by the Academy
of Nutrition and Dietetics.   The campaign
is designed to focus attention on the importance of making informed fo...

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Self-Care Sunday
Self-Love Sunday Valentine’s Day.   A day for love.   Love is defined as, “an intense feeling of
deep affection.”   Love comes in many
forms:   partnership, friendship, hugs,
kisses, food, and even solidarity.    Many
times on Valentine’s Day we put the foc...

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Full on Crazy!
Full on Crazy It’s a week after the marathon
and I think I literally am still on a runner’s high – no lie.   Best.Feeling.Ever!!   I’ve been telling everybody I come in contact
with about the race (okay, that might be part genetics – making friends with

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Creating Healthy Habits NOT Restrictions
I recently met up with a fellow
dietitian and we started talking about the infamous “weight loss” topic.   We see many patients for weight loss and I
was curious to see if he thought more people needed to learn how to eat healthy or if people were
there for...

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Change YES!
Whole 30, Paleo, Military Diet –
Lose 10 pounds in 3 days, Complete Guide to the Keto Diet – those are just a
few of the popular weight loss diets this time of year (and throughout the
year) via Pinterest.   I get it – it’s a
new year and you want change – ...

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That's A Keeper 6
I looked back at my last “That’s
A Keeper” post and it was posted in January!    How did SO much time pass between me posting on some of my favorite
recipes??   I’ll tell you how…life is
busy!   Between training for my marathon, being
crazy busy at work, an...
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