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May 9th, 2015: The circle sharing feature is deprecated 

Does it make sense to play the game of the #circlejerks ?
During the past months I came across some rather weird g+ profiles and connected pages which made me wonder what people want to achieve here on g+. Even photographers run such pages to keep their profiles "clean". 

I decided to post my personal list of the Circle Sharing Mafia and the cooperators because too many asked me for names which I don't mention to avoid any kind of  "war". It's not my intention to offend people but I completely disagree with the behaviour of many users here. You can check the profiles/pages and decide yourself what you want to do.

This list is of course incomplete but gets updated from time to time. You probably know more such profiles and pages. Feel free to message me or comment if you have objections or remarks.  

More about the topic:

One of the most prominent members of the #circlesharingmafia  recently got exposed by +Jaana Nyström - read her post about Justin Matthew:

Another excellent post from  +John Skeats  about #circlesharing  I can highly recommend:

In this list are circlejerks and the ones who cooperate with them

Michael Addi

King Amari

Thomas Angst

Raffaele Romeo Arena

Dubie Bacino - "clean" profile
moderator of

Robby Ball

Mahreza Belly (she is also a copyright infringer)

Nikica Beograd

Cristian Bianchi (profile is "clean")

Jeff Billings

Andrea Bortolini

Rich Bradford

John Brody

Chuck from the bronx


Bonnie Clydes

Ian Collins ? (profile not confirmed)

Chris Cota

Cristina De R.Costa

Harry Day

Delton Doucet

Krzysztof Felczak (profile is "clean")

Rusty Ferguson

Allesandro Folghera

JoAnn Freeboom

Charles Fromage (profile is "clean")

Billy Funk (Cannabis MLM)

Frank Gainsford

Andrea Gervasi

Daniel Gibbs

Nicolas Green

Richard Green (profile is "clean")

Chadi Hart

Ismael Hassan

Bernd Hau

Will Hawkins

Gert Jan Hermus (profile is quite "clean")

Auth Icle (profile is "clean")

Ryan Johnson

Dominique Keller (profile is "clean")

Toni Kelner

Steven Krohn

Edith Kukla (profile is "clean")

Erika Lambert

Chris Lau

Max Magnus Lehnsherr

Brandon Leibovitz

Moan Lisa

Jason Levy

Mariana Lopez de Waard

Sinisa Majetic

Ishaaq Malik

Rogerio Manica

Peter Marbaise

Tancredi Matranga

Justin Matthew

Gary Matthews

P. Mehta

Ludovic Moreeuw

Viktor Mulin

Gorka Ortiz

Pacific Event Lighting

Clare Patrick

Çerçeve Paylaş

Hazel Payne

Bernard Piette

Cesare Riccardo
(Riccardo Lemons)

Andi Rivarola (profile is "clean"  ;-)

Logan Lynn Roberts

Alessandro Rocchi

Dexter Roona

Geuko Rooseboom (profile is "clean")

Irina Sadokhina

Petra Saherl

Debashish Samaddar

Vladimir Samsonov

Jan Schellenberger (profile is "clean" - he uses communities)

AyJay Schibig

John Sean

Chad Sideburn

Amaresh Singh

Robert Skreiner - profile is clean

Ralf Skirr

Walter Soestbergen

Michael Sonntag -"clean" profile but is moderator of:

Vita Spira

Georg Srama ("clean" profile)

Daniel Stock

Rosie Taylor

Marlo Angelo Tito

Michael Q Todd

Yoriko Todd

Catherine Tramell

Piotr Tyminski (profile is "clean")

Miha Ucakar

Amig von Hallen

Christian Virag

Allan Watson

Simon Weiner

Noah Wesley

Andrew Weston

Colin Wilson

Wanda Wing

Silvia ZK

Carmilita Zotomayor-Riveral
Think before you add or share a circle.

Don't we all know them, the people who promise you everything and keep nothing, like "core multiplying", "snowballing", ... ?
How do you feel when you're forced to "plus", "comment" and "reshare" a circle before the circle sharing mafiosi let's you in his/her "great" circle which has only one purpose: followerhunting?
Don't you also get bored after seeing too many animations and nonsense postings?
And as a professional photographer I have an additional problem that's really starting to annoy me: there are too many users who support copyright infringers. It is absolutely not ok. that some "social media experts" or "SEO specialists" misuse photos of others for their advertising or their "getting popular" strategy.

Please think before you add or share a circle.

Thanks to +Mervik Haums for his free cartoon character.

#circlesharing   #copyright   #copyrightinfringement   #followerhunting  
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