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Gotchas When Porting C++ and OpenGL Applications to the Dreamcast
Over the past month or so I've been steadily working on porting my game engine Simulant to the Dreamcast. While it's not quite ready for prime-time, I did discover a lot of road-bumps along the way, and I thought I should write some of them down so that any...

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DreamPi 1.6 Released!
This is really just a bug fix release, although it's a pretty good one! Incorporated a program called dcgamespy which was written by Jonas Karlsson which manipulates packets of games like Starlancer to avoid your ISP blocking them as a security measure. Tha...

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DreamPi 1.5 Released!
This is a big release with new features and multiple bugs fixed: New software is included written by Jonas Karlsson called "dcvoip" this system process makes the VOIP communication in Planet Ring work! The software is distributed with permission. There is n...

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SEGA Should Resurrect the Dreamcast Brand
Yesterday, it was
the 17 th anniversary of the SEGA Dreamcast in the U.S. and
the occasion caused Twitter and Faceback to fill with birthday
greetings for the console that refuses to die. If you're reading this
you are probably well aware of the stubborn an...

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DreamPi 1.4 Released
This is a bug fix release. New image . Fixes corruption issues with the previous release. Improved Pi 3 support . This release is tested to work with the Pi 3. Updated firmware . Includes the latest Raspbian updates (Linux kernel 4.4) Improved IP allocation...

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Avoid C++ Typo-bugs with this One Cool Trick!
Recently I found an online quiz created by a company which develops some static code analysis tool. You were presented with buggy C++ code which the tool had detected and you had to click on where the bug in the code was. The large majority of the bugs in t...

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DreamPi 1.3 Released!
This is a minor release which simply updates the Raspberry Pi firmware on the image. This should mean that the Pi 3 is supported, but I don't have one to test that! You can download the new release here !

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Being Spread Too Thin
It's come to my attention that I have way too many projects on the go. This post is going to summarize what needs to be done to each of them in a kind of semi-apology for why things you are waiting for might take a while... Dreampi The Dreampi software imag...

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Toy Racer Back Online for Everyone!
I'm excited to announce that an experimental replacement server for Dreamarena is now online and as a result, Toy Racer is back online for everyone, even if you don't have a BBA! DreamPi users have this support right now, just try it! Anyone else on dial-up...

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New Logo! And Merchandise!
I had some requests for some DreamPi T-Shirts (yeah, I dunno either...) but it gave me the prod I needed to finally design a logo. So here it is! No, it's not fantastic, but I think it's the best amalgamation I can come up with - and actually the Dreamcast ...
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