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Marshmallow's folder restrictions are driving me crazy. Unable to delete or edit photos saved to sdcard without jumping through hoops. Save a picture from the web and you can only open or view it in the downloads app. Who the hell at Google thought this one through?

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If rumours about LG removing the buttons on the back of the G5 are correct, I think there should be a Don't Do It LG!! campaign started immediately. #LG #DONTDOIT

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I'm in line for @flowhomeapp, the new Android homescreen. Anyone have an invite? #flowcode

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Amazon Banning the Chromecast Is Unbelievably Stupid

Hi all,

I've just installed openSUSE 13.2 on a Dell XPS laptop and the keyboard refuses to use UK layout, its always in US layout mode. Even the keyboard test text box right at the installation stage doesn't work, even though the settings are set to UK.

Does anyone have any ideas?

The biggest problem Windows 10 has to solve, is not the Start menu, but sorting out screen scaling when using qHD displays. More and more laptops are shipping with these super high res displays, but Windows make them pretty pointless.
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