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Duck Care
Coming Soon!

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Potbelly Pig Care
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What's new on the Farm: Northeastern Poultry Congress and our new Ducks!
Since my last post, there have been a few major changes, but otherwise everything has pretty much stayed the same. I have been very busy between a very busy life, and also writing blog posts for the My Pet Chicken Blog on commission. I have tried to keep gi...

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Peek at the Week! {Week of 5/25/2014}
This was a very eventful week! One of the fun things that happened this week was we got some new chicks! We received 8 new chicks from all of which are very energetic and healthy! We got a Buff Brahma, Light Brahma, Mille Fleur d'uccle, Par...

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Peek at the Week {Week of 4/27/2014}
This week was an amazing one. From start to end you could see all the grass getting greener, flowers blooming, and smell the aroma of everything that reminds you of spring all around you. The girls free ranged a ton, but today seemed by far the prettiest in...

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Chicken Health: Impacted Crop
Yesterday while I was checking on the girls, I realized Ruby was not herself. She was standing in the middle of the run with her eyes close and oblivious to everything around her. I immediately brought her in and checked her out. After talking to some knowl...

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Now that we have taken the path of chicken breeding, we are keeping most of our silkies for breeding. Since Cluck Norris is very loud and is related to most of our silkie hens, we decided we would find him a home where he could be the only rooster and have ...

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Happy Birthday to Clover and Bo!
Today is Clover and Bo's Birthday! Clover and Bo are our two Southdown Babydoll Sheep! Today these twins will be turning 2 years old! We got them a year ago the day after their birthday, so we will share all our memories with them in the past year in some f...

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Spring Fun
Today was a super fun day. In the morning we had a sheep shearing party with friends and family, and in the evening the animals all got to free range and are still doing so as I type this. Here are some photos and fun happenings that happened today. Here ar...

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Peek at the Week {Week of 4/4/2014}
This week was super fun! It was very sunny and warm so everyone free ranged for hours and hours for a couple days in a row! Here are some fun shots from the past couple days. Portia was very photogenic this week and enjoyed running all over like a maniac! P...
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