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Chapter 15 Faith and Politics
In the
aftermath of September 11 th , 2001, Sara Miles found another new
perspective on Christianity.“This was what it meant to be a Christian for me:
that in the midst of undeniable suffering, it was possible to summon up
gratitude and praise. “All of us g...

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Chapter 14 Heavenly Banquet
Sara Miles says she had an epiphany one day: "I
understood why Christians imagined the kingdom of heaven as a feast: a banquet
where nobody was excluded, where the weakest and most broken, the worst sinners
and outcasts, were honored guests who welcomed one...

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Chapter 14 Gleaners
Sara Miles connects her understanding of what is going on in the American food system with the food system in the Bible. Second Harvest Food Bank and organizations like it are providing the work of the gleaners.  "To
feed the hungry with the excess of an un...

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Food in the Bible
"Take this Bread" is largely focused on the intersection between Christianity and food. Sara Miles, the author, describes her journey to becoming a Christian in midlife through her journeys working in restaurants and, eventually, running a food pantry. Her ...

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Chapter 13 Chief Cornerstone
"Once I
picked up a huge grapefruit and showed it to a volunteer from St. Gregory's.
"That's the stone the builders rejected," I said, quoting Scripture
aloud with only a twinge of embarrassment. I could see, now, how we were like
that, too: the volunteers,...

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Chapter 13 Serving
Sara Miles's food pantry volunteers have lots of great wisdom to share. "Lawrence
Chyall, a tall, bookish guy with decades of work as a restaurant maitre d',
dropped by on his day off. Calm and unflappable, he organized our chaotic line
outside, dealing wit...

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Chapter 13 Church of the One True Sack
Once Sara Miles and her volunteers started the food pantry, it took off like a shot. It grew fast and bonded together into something people really could start believing in.  "We
were making a church. "Church of the One True Sack of Groceries,"
Steve said. "...

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Chapter 12 Yearning for Baptism
“Now here I
was, an adult, with an irrational yearning for it—almost a hunger. The idea
seemed dangerous and seductive, and I’d tried to resist it. I’d stand there at
the Table, looking out the doors at the rock font, and try not to see the water
spilling f...

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Chapter 12 A Different Everyone
“You can’t
be a Christian by yourself.” Its a saying Sara Miles brings up again and again, and its a saying that has rung true throughout the Church's history. Many have tried. Many burn out with the effort. Unfortunately, its as true as it is wise.  You ca...

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The Baptismal Covenant
In Chapter 12 (which I will quote from in the next couple of days) Sara Miles describes her experience of baptism. One of the things she quotes from in the book is the Book of Common Prayer's Baptismal Covenant. The Baptismal Covenant is the part of the bap...
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