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Wow, what a #GoogleDoodle for today's holiday! Such a treat. Happy 4th of July, America :) #IndependenceDay  

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Lots to think about here. It's true; it's really easy for me to get settled in my habits. Thank goodness my writer +Mike Goldstein and my boss keep me in check!
Is Metagaming Silently Killing Your Marketing?

"Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore." ~ André Gide

Online marketing, a field which benefits greatly from rigorous testing and thoughtful looks into a multitude of data, sometimes has to face the double-edged sword of best practices.

Though they encourage tested tactics, what works for one may not work for all.

Best practices also encourage “prescribed” advice that can stifle innovation at a company that refuses to innovate on its own – imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but it is not innovation.

That said, in tomorrow's post  +Gregory Ciotti explains why you need to be careful about listening to the "metagame."

Stay tuned. 

Update: post is now live:

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Hi all! I'm new to the group and to the content marketing scene. So I'm curious for your thoughts: what's your workflow for choosing new content ideas? Does an editor accept ideas and choose the ones that work? Do a bunch of people vote on ideas?

I'm trying to think of a process that's democratic but also productive. Our editors tend to think of really great ideas, so we struggle to have any meaningful discussion around them because well, we just want to go ahead and write them! It seems like you could do everything online (vote, add helpful notes, etc) that I'm not sure what to do with valuable face time.

Appreciate any thoughts you guys have :)

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My goodness, where was this when I was promoted a month ago? #contentmarketing  
A 52-Installment Content Marketing Course (Free, and Right Here)

Listen. If you are even remotely connected to the marketing and advertising world then you’ve probably heard the word “content marketing.”

You’ve at least been exposed to it:

 - Blogging
 - Google+ Hangouts
 - White papers
 - Tutorials
 - Email Autoresponders

But even if you consider yourself a seasoned practitioner I doubt you’ve ever had a handy, systematic and exhaustive guide — loaded with 52 articles that cover content marketing essentials to building a viable money-making platform — at your finger tips.

Now you do …

Want to know the two attributes of exceptional content? Need a way to jump-start your editorial calendar? Want to read how real-world businesses created their content empires? Would you like to learn how to earn profits with your content without sounding like a high-pressure salesman?

You’ll find answers to those questions — and more — in the following list. This guide will fill in the gaps to your knowledge. It will help you become a content marketing expert in your industry or company.

Check it out here:

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How does this not have more views?? This guy is mad creative #animation #stopmotion  

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This was a tough article to write (sooo many angles), but I hope it proves useful to someone. Lots of help out there for #veterans . 
Coming home from war isn't easy. How veterans can get back on their financial feet:

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I'm not surprised financial brands aren't taking advantage of #Pinterest , according to +Sprout Social. Speaking from experience, it can be difficult to creatively spin your content when you work in a "boring" industry. 

Build boards around stages in life - love it. More helpful tips here:

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Wasn't #TheFlash trailer AMAZING?

I recently created a new blog for all my #TV thoughts. Would appreciate any thoughts or comments!

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+Todoist is a life-saver.  My desk is free of Post-its now :D
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