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Popular Science - Engaging Fiction
Popular Science - Engaging Fiction
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Moon, Mars or Bust!
It’s time for the space human exploration advocacy community to get its act together. A change in U.S. Presidents, as will happen this year, almost always leads to a change in American space policy and plans. Whoever is elected this year will set the policy...

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What have I read and liked? (I am often asked)
As a writer, I’m often asked, “What are you reading?”   Consider this a reading snapshot in time
capturing the fiction I’m reading currently and what I’ve read recently – going
back perhaps a few months.  I’ll capture
the non-fiction in another post. The Bo...

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The CubeSat Revolution
They're not making the news, but CubeSats are making space accessible for a growing number of small businesses and universities. You can learn more about this quiet space revolution in my latest essay for Baen Books: ...

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How can you compare The Martian to 2001? to Dark Star? You can't. And that's why I wrote this blog post...

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The Martian
I saw The Martian Monday night.  Yes, you should be jealous*, it was a very
good movie!  Don’t worry – No spoilers
here… If you haven’t been living on Mars, then you may know this
movie is about a NASA astronaut who gets stranded on Mars and has to survive

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Space Tethers and Elevators
Today I’m redirecting you to Baen Books’ website for my
recent article, “Space Tethers and Elevators.” 
If you want to learn how we can do more than just explore the solar
system, then you need to learn about space tethers.  I believe this technology will o...

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Pull up a chair, go outside and get lost in infinity...

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Getting Lost In Infinity
It is time to revisit another of my essays for the Baen
Books website, “ The Size Of It All ,” in which I discuss the sheer scale of the observable universe.  To summarize, IT IS HUGE. But HUGE does the universe a disservice. I was reminded of this the othe...

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The Aliens Are Not Among Us
Today I'm going to revisit an essay I wrote for Baen Books in 2011 called, " The Aliens Are Not Among Us ."  You can find the original post here: I recently attended a space professional conference filled with engineers and sc...

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Mars Awaits!
Mars. Just saying the name of the red planet evokes in a science
fiction fan a sense of wonder and adventure. 
From Edgar Rice Burroughs’ visions of Barsoom in A Princess of Mars to Andy Weir’s The
Martian , generations of space enthusiasts have been inspir...
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