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Dane Youssef commented on a post on Blogger.

Heather, my love… (a quote from the classic cinema hallmark “Heathers”), you say you don’t wish to give away the big ending (good policy, by the way)… but you already kind of sort of are. A lot of your synopsis… well, I imagine a lot of those who still don’t know the big Rod Serling-esque ending will probably have guess it by…

Look, it’s okay. Even if you know the big finale. It’s not just about being surprised at the end. It’s still something to see. Hell, more than once.

And like a lot of his works—after it’s all over, you really want to change your life.

It’s an incredible play and nearly everything conceived by the likes of Neil LaBute is practically gospel… no matter what your faith may be. You HAVE to be a believer….

It doesn’t surprise me in the slightest that virtually every college is doing a production of this play. To all of the women who were grotesquely offended by LaBute’s first picture “In the Company of Men,” I’d recommend they see this. They’ll wish LaBute dead a lot less…. 

Oh, and we all hate those who nitpick and try to split hairs—but Adam KNOWS it all wasn’t his idea. Like when he specifically tells Phil that he got his “reversible sailing slicker” at the mall and “she likes it.” He knows the “new nose” wasn’t his idea. That’s why he literally tells everyone “I fell.” He’s embarrassed to admit this is all Evelyn. He’s being led around by the nose. The new supermodel wardrobe, the professional athletic workout regimen, the cover boy hairstyle, the cosmetic surgery… it’s all HER.

And I saw the movie—Neil adapts his own play so well… he really knows how to make just the right fit. The perfect conversion… 

Mr. LaBute, keep up the good work. Showing what an embarrassment humanity and human nature really is…
Oh and you too, Heather (my love…)

--Sincere As Always, Dane Youssef
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