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Zealot Gaming

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Multi-platform online gaming community for all gamers.

Zealot Gaming is a multiplatform gaming community which offers clan-support for a variety of games in various genres. Started in March of 2011 by two friends Stan( Legit) and James (DrMath), they sought to create a gaming-centric community focused on a friendly atmosphere, sense of family, and a passion for gaming free of the drama of heavy structures and politics that often comes with it. Zealot Gaming was to be an open community where everyone had a say, where nothing was kept from members. In order to help ensure this cause was realized, a motto was adopted that stated the three core values that would be sought after in each member; Fidem. Integritate. Zelum.

The first, Fidem, is Latin for loyalty and fidelity. Zealot Gaming is a home for gamers who will not only be loyal to their game, but their clan and fellow clanmates. Fidem imparts a sense of honor and kinship to your fellow gamers within the clan that ensures a healthy environment where all members can learn, grow, and most importantly enjoy gaming. This is represented by the blue color of the dragon in the emblem, symbolizing loyalty and fidelity. It imparts a calm, cool, and collected attitude, something we wish the find in all of our members. It reminds us all that upon joining, we join not just some rag-tag bunch, but a community, a family, who we should pledge our loyalties too, fostering its growth and seeking to make it better where we can.

Itegritate, Latin for integrity, is a core component of members in Zealot Gaming. The highest standard of behavior is expected of our members both in and out of game. With our strict no cheating policy, our members are expected to maintain good standing in all games they play as well as with their fellow clanmates and the gaming community as a whole. Maturity is a key component in this value, and something we expect to see in our members. This is represented by the pearl the dragons surrounds, a symbol of purity, honesty, and integrity, our second value. A pearl start as a grain of sand in a mussel which is then built upon, creating brilliant layers around it until the strong pearl emerges from the mussel, fully formed. It is unwavering, and should be though of as a symbol of our good standing with each other, as well as with the communities of gamers we play with everywhere. We hold ourselves to a higher standard of conduct than that of irritating players with child-like attitudes online. The pearl asks us to pause and reflect upon our own behavior to ensure we uphold the integrity of the clan.

Finally, Zelum, Latin for zeal, the value which our clan has taken as its namesake, conveys passion, fervor, and desire. It inspires our members to be enthusiastic about gaming and the clan, to be diligent in their endeavors, and to allow their inner fires to shine through, acting as a beacon for fellow gamers to follow their shining example and to imitate their arduous spirit. This is represented by the dragon, which serves as a powerful statement, and symbolizes fire, passion, strength, and zeal.  It represents the ferocity we all have inside us, and our burning passion to find the fun in gaming and dedicate ourselves to it. In different cultures it has symbolized expansion and growth, as well as an ability to see the “big picture”, something we hope our members can all do. The dragon also symbolizes wisdom and longevity, two things we hope that the clan and its leaders posses.

Zealot Gaming is certainly a young clan, but it seeks to establish itself as a home for gamers who will be loyal to its values and seek to embody them in their gaming experiences. The close bonds formed by our members speak for themselves, and speak to the quality and character of the community that has established itself here. The only question to ask yourself is will you become a part of its history?

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