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Online Communication Skills Training Videos with Dan O'Connor
Communication Expert, Onsite Trainer, Online Trainer, Communication Keynote Speaker
Communication Expert, Onsite Trainer, Online Trainer, Communication Keynote Speaker

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I thought you would like this: we all struggle with dealing with difficult people or condescending remarks!

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We must be a light to the world if we want to engage in civil discussions instead of hostile ones. Darkness is the absence of light, and when light shines in the darkness, DARKNESS LOSES.  We CAN make certain our conversations are civil.  That is not weakness.  Civility allows no bullying, yelling, or tantrums.  It is inclusive and respectful.

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As a child, were you hurt by any of these harmful danger phrases?
And are you carrying on the grand tradition of hurtful speech--when speaking to your own children?
Don't underestimate your words and actions on your children.  Mocking, laughing, speaking words of death--these things will leave a negative indelible mark on your children.  Did your parents leave any marks on you?  If so, learn from that.

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Awareness--What it is and what to do with it in relationships
1. Awareness is knowledge or perception of a situation or fact.

"We need to raise public awareness of the issue."

consciousness, recognition, realization;

understanding, grasp, appreciation, knowledge, insight;
informallight-bulb moment;

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Are there condescending people in your life?
Would you like a simple tactic that will shine a light on these people, and their behavior, and encourage them to take their bullying and mean selves somewhere else?  Dan will give you tactics for clarifying the intentions of these condescending people, and once those intentions are clarified, the behavior will stop--at least around you.

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Course Begins July 6
Designed to be taken by both individuals and small businesses.

This course combines all the best of what you've been asking for:

2 Private Personal Coaching Sessions,
Communication Principles,
Strategies for Dealing with Difficult People Both at Work and at Home,
Professional Communication Strategies, and
Custom Lessons Built Around Your Input,

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Brag humbly is NOT an oxymoron
You can brag humbly by remembering one simple truth: You didn't do it alone.   If you want to be respected and admired, rather than resented when you achieve something--there is one simple thing you should do, whether in a business or a home setting.

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Ever found your kid or your significant other sexting? If you have, you might find this helpful.

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