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It's a sad day for me, just learned that a +Linux Distro Community moderator passed away on the 8th.  +preecher LDC You will be missed my friend.

Someone posted earlier about RedHat raising prices 20-25%, does anyone have an article that they can link me that states that?  I wanted to know what product offerings was that price increase for?

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Can still see some hurricane damage on the coast.  Wasn't hard to find at all.
Atlantic City NJ
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We had a nice walk on the beach today.
Wife caught one of these little guys today.
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Exciting news, will be starting my new job in a few weeks!  Now it's time for logistics, how to move the family etc.

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Did an interview with +Paul Platt talking about Linux.

Sorry, had to cancel Hangout due to other LDC activities this evening.  It's LDC Game Night!  7PM Central Time!

Any plans for a plugin that will link to G+ hangouts?  I'd like to be able to do a G+ Hangout with audio integration back to mumble.  Thoughts?

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Linux Nightly Hangout, brought to you by the Linux Distro Community.  Have questions about a distro or problem you're having, bring it to us!

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Chris Staunton hung out with 6 people. <a class='ot-hashtag' href=''>#hangoutsonair</a>Adam Grubbs, Elijah Armageddon, Zoose Nelem, Haydania-Capri DiTori, LDC Rat, and Ping Casts
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