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EI Design Wins GOLD At APEX Award #EIDesignLearn
EI Design wins gold in the “Electronic Media” category at the APEX awards for their Microlearning Solution “A Date with Data Dave” on data security.

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Wondering how to lead your remote elearning team? Check these 8 tips and tricks on how to lead your remote elearning team.

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How To Align Learning And Development With Corporate Goals
Organizations must build an attractive learning culture that will help them achieve their goals. Yet, too often HR and L&D professionals are occupied with putting in point solutions and filling vacant posts. It's time for strategic alignment of Learning and Development activities with the business.

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4 Deadly LMS Selection Traps You Must Be Aware Of
Are you thinking of replacing your old Learning Management System? Perhaps you’re already in the process of investigating solutions? Choosing the right Learning Management System can be quite a demanding and complicated endeavor. As such, there are certain LMS selection traps you should be aware of beforehand to make an informed decision. In this article, I’ll share four LMS selection traps you should pay particular attention to.

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DoceboInspire #docebo
DoceboInspire, presented by Docebo, is a Learning and Development conference taking place in Boston, MA on September 18-19, 2017. Register to learn from the best in the eLearning industry.

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Would you like to reach largest #eLearning community in the world?

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Learning Management System Vs. Training Management System: Which Is Best For Your Organization?
Are you looking for a piece of software to help bring your training online? Confused about which system it the perfect one for your business? We’ve got some tips to help you cut through the lingo and find the exactly the system you need to help your business grow.

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4 Convincing Arguments To Achieve LMS Implementation Funding
You know that an LMS upgrade or replacement is the right decision, but your executives don’t see the value of it. Sometimes, it takes more than a mere suggestion to make leadership see the true potential of a new LMS. Presenting a solid business case can do wonders in achieving the LMS implementation funding you have been striving for. In this article, I’ll share four surefire arguments that are bound to convince your executives to invest in a new LMS.

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LMS and Virtual Training Labs - Good Alone, Spectacular Together! #GetAdministrate
Hear how Kevin Streater, VP ForgeRock University, a large global software organization, integrated his LMS and virtual labs to successfully and cost-effectively grow his business.

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How To Choose An Adaptive Design Authoring Tool
This article looks at the differences between a responsive and an adaptive design authoring tool and how adaptive design displays eLearning content optimally across multiple devices.
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