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A slight sidetrack - my LivingDNA results
I received my LivingDNA results earlier this month and have been doing some research as a result. I'm therefore taking a little side-track, to blog about that, rather than continuing with the post about mapping crossover points (which will be posted eventu...

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Analysing my DNA: Crossovers Part 1
Recently I have been working on identifying the "crossover points" in the DNA of a group of four siblings. They are related to me, so the results of their DNA tests will not only help me in my ancestral searches, but also in discovering more about my own D...

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DNA Update
It has been an "interesting" year on my DNA journey. Ever since I first took an autosomal DNA test with 23andMe in 2010, I have been working on looking for what are known as "triangulating groups" (TGs) in the data. These are groups of people, who all mat...

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My Ancestors and their Descendants - my potential DNA Tree
Earlier this year, our ISP informed us that it would no longer support personal web spaces - a poor decision in my view (of course!) The upside of this is that it will force me to do the web site "re-write" that I set as a goal in 2015. The downside is that...

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Other activities - the Genealogy Do-Over interlude
Sometimes I keep a
diary.  And sometimes I don't.  And, when I don't, I often look back and wonder
what I did for all those days!  So, for my own
future reference (and for any descendants who ever wonder what their "x
times great" grandmother did), here are...

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Genealogy Do-Over "restart"
It's time to restart
my restart! As I described in my
last post, I needed to postpone my Genealogy Do-Over, as other activities have
had to take priority recently.  However,
I'm now back again - and, amazingly, back before the repeat of the scheduled

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How am I doing? A Do-Over review
Half way through the
Do-Over, I started to assess my progress. 
Seven weeks later, the post is still sitting here unfinished - which
probably says it all! Other aspects of
life got in the way again, and with the "Who Do You Think You Are?
Live" exhibition c...

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