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Why this sort of pig-blinkered misogyny exists in our profession, and is so tolerated by those in it, just boggles my mind and makes me both a bit nauseous and acutely embarrassed for any such moron in this field. It's also horrifying how rarely idiots like this get called on for this sort of reprehensible behavior, much less marginalized for it.

Yeah, shame on Dell. But shame on all geeks who fail to see the problem with this, or speak out against it.

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| You should be happy to know that the Geek Squad Summer Academy has a laudable goal of including even MORE women in IT, and have even managed to expand our program from a single camp to 40 this year. I'm gearing up to inspire hundreds of kids. If you can find a non-profit, you should submit a proposal via to get one up in your area =)
Actually, I am very happy about that, Daniel, and I applaud it. (I just wish that GSSA also educated girls about how to properly deal with the misogyny they're going to run smack dab into if they actually get into the profession—and educated boys on why misogyny is moronic and reflects badly on them. But that's probably overreaching, and I'm sorry if it just comes off sounding grumpy.)
| Well, sadly we can't really take the place of good parenting, especially not in only 2 days' time. Oh that I could, though!
"Kids, I'd like you to fill out these adop—er, forms. No big deal!"
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