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South Korea is Marginalized and that is South Korea's Fault
In my latest column for NK News, I talked about how the ROK-US alliance could be severely strained due to the toxic mix of the Trump administration and any progressive-led future government in Seoul. President Trump’s cabinet, while not yet fully formed, is...

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President Park Geun-hye has been Impeached!
200 votes were needed to impeach President Park Geun-hye. 234 members of the National Assembly voted to impeach President Park Geun-hye. For the second time in South Korea’s short history, the National Assembly has moved to impeach a sitting president. Unti...

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Movie Review: La La Land
WARNING: The following review contains spoilers. If you have not yet seen La La Land and wish to do so without having the plot given away, then do not read this. Image Source Some of the earliest movies I remember having watched as a child were musicals and...

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Populism and Nostalgia: Now it's the Progressives' Turn
Considering President Park Geun-hye’s  dismal approval ratings , her electoral win for the presidency back in 2012 seems like more than a distant memory. However, in order to understand how her successor is going to become the next president, it is importan...

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South Korea's Progressives Need to Grow Up in the Age of Trump
On November 10, a South Korean lawmaker from the main opposition Minjoo Party, Rep. Yun Ho-jung, said he would seek a dismissal motion against Defense Minister Han Min-koo if South Korea continues to move forward to sign the Security of Military Information...

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Trump's Economic Proposals and How They Might Backfire
When presidential candidates are campaigning for office, they will promise everything from free healthcare to free lawn care if that is what is needed to get the votes they need to win. So when they do get elected, many of them renege on a great number of t...

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Trump Did Not Reverse Himself on Korea
It is being widely reported in news outlets around the world that President-Elect Trump seems to have reversed himself on various topics. One of the things that Trump seems to be backing away from is his pledge to go through with “a complete and total shutd...

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A Trump Presidency and What It Might Mean for Korea
“May you live in interesting times.” And what an interesting year 2016 has been. A number of beloved celebrities have died, Brangelina has split up, the Chicago Cubs won the World Series, and Donald J. Trump, the tweeting orange who’d date his own daughter ...

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Park Geun-hye the Pitiful
President Park apologized a second time today for the still unraveling Choi Soon-sil scandal. It was a slightly more contrite apology than the first one she gave. In an emotional speech, she expressed remorse and, at times her voice becoming shaky, she acce...

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President Park Geun-hye Should Resign
The more details about the Choi Soon-sil scandal are revealed, the more bizarre the story seems to get. From stories of shamanistic priests to corporate malfeasance to unlawfully accessing classified information to prosecutorial ineptitude to familial favor...
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