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Alan Brehm
I'm a working pastor of a neighborhood church.
I'm a working pastor of a neighborhood church.

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Working the Fields
Working the Fields Matthew 9:35-10:7 [1] I’ve never worked in a field of corn or beans. I grew up in sorghum  and cotton country. So I don’t know what it’s
like to work at de-tasseling a corn field or weeding a bean field. I have,
however, had my share of m...

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Surrounded by Love
Surrounded by Love Psalm 8; Matthew 28:20 [1] One of the blessings of information technology is that the world has
become a much smaller place. We can learn about what is going on in around the
country and even around the world almost as soon as it happens....

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One and the Same Spirit
One and the Same Spirit 1 Corinthians 12:3-13 [1] When you take a good look at the many different ways in which Christians
practice their faith, you may wonder what all of them have in common. There are
so many different approaches to living out the Christi...

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Telling Our Story
Telling our Story Acts 1:6-14 [1] At Easter time, it’s common to see the phrase “It’s not about the
Bunny.” As it turns out, that might not be entirely true. The image of a rabbit
or a hare is an ancient one, and its original meaning is difficult to discern...

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Abiding Presence
Abiding Presence John 14:15-21, Acts17:22-31 [1] One of the questions that has occupied the attention of the human
family, especially in the modern era, is one that haunts us: “Are we alone in
the universe?” Some think that we are, or at least that there is...

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In Jesus' Name
In Jesus’ Name John 14:1-14 [1] Prayer is a puzzle to most of us, I think.  I’m not sure many of us even know why it is
that we pray.  In this self-oriented
culture of ours, some people pray as a form of sanctified
wish-fulfillment.  They think they can

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Knowing His Voice
Knowing His Voice John 10:1-10 [1] It shouldn’t come as a surprise to you for me to say that prayer is a
vital part of the Christian life. A brief glance at any one of our worship
bulletins reveals the importance of prayer. I teach our confirmation students...

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Burning Hearts
Burning Hearts Luke 24:13-35 [1] We Presbyterians love to do things “decently and in order.” He have
policies for doing things “rightly” and some of us even believe that our
churches will thrive if we just follow the right procedures. And so we set
about pl...

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We are Witnesses
We are Witnesses Acts 2:22-32 [1] We Presbyterians get pretty nervous around words like “witness.” It
reminds us of people who go door-to-door, rather too confidently professing
their own faith and assuming those they are “visiting” are spiritually “lost.”

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I Have Seen The Lord
I Have Seen the Lord John 20:1-18 [1] One
of the key principles of our faith is that we “live by faith and not by sight.”
None of us has ever seen Jesus in person. None of us has seen anyone who has
seen Jesus. We are centuries removed from those who actual...
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