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How should the Gov 2.0 community across Australia organise itself - and do we need any organisation at all?
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I think one of the first steps in teh self organisation of the community is for all of the interested parties to state why they are interested in open government and what's in it for them.

Here's a link to my reasons for being interested in open government.
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Does Australia need an equivalent to the Sunlight Foundation? (
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From my perspective there are already so many government agencies, industry groups, special interest groups, associations, ngos, foundations, etc. out there that it is hard to keep track of what they all do and how they fit together, and I'm not sure that adding another piece to the puzzle would be especially beneficial. Wouldn't be better to think about which existing group(s) or project(s) are in the best position to move open government forward?

The other thing to think about, is that organisations no matter how good their initial intentions are, tend to become self-serving over time.
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