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Winter is #Kathmandu  

Read about it from my foreign perspective on little black yellow seeds

Happy #Dashain   all!

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Would like to see one of someone beatboxing
Speech production visualized by real-time MRI

Image credit: l'Institut de la Communication Parlee in Grenoble
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I do a similar series of exercises which lasts about 10 minutes first thing every morning.  Can not say enough about the positive effects it has on me.

All manner of exercises, from bodyweight movements, to chair-assisted, stretches or yoga can spice up the mix.  Stay healthy and fit!  
The 1 & 1 Workout proposed by +Neila Rey is a great example of High Intensity Exercise Training. Training intensity is an essential variable to your fitness program. An exercise program with training intensity designed to meet your goals will help you to achieve
Weight loss
Strength and Power
Speed and Speed  Endurance
or just being more engaged in your physical pursuits and active lifestyle.
When was the last time you climbed a flight of stairs, hiked into the backcountry, or did some serious yard work?
A fitness program designed to meet your objectives, specific to your level of fitness, with training intensity established to your individual level, will make strides in new levels of health & fitness.

See what experts like +Neila Rey +Steve Hoyles +40plusfitness +Michael Harris +Stephanie Keenan have to say about how they train their body, and others to meet goals.
Train with Purpose

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Calvin and Hobbes fans...this is wonderful.

Gives you insight into Bill's own story.  I love the way this man looks at life.

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Way cool

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Tea just came out of my nose.

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Wow never seen this before...I need something to build a wall around..

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Worth a read, dear yogis. 

I practice what I consider to be yoga—I was never formally trained.  It's good to know that if what I'm doing feels right, then it probably is.

This knowledge will dissolve any worries that I'm doing things wrong, helping me to retain a tranquil mind.

Rather than focus on the accuracy of my postures, I'll focus on remaining calm and collected as I subject my body to forces it often finds uncomfortable or awkward.

Doing so will help me tame the instinctive stress response that's constantly triggered in my daily life—at work, in traffic, in my relationships, in my struggle to attract followers on Google+.

That's a side effect I'll be happy to live with.  Om Shanti.

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Tamang wedding in Kabre Palanchok, Nepal.

The groom is applying sindoor (red powder) to the bride's hairline—this is the moment when they're officially considered husband and wife.

#nepal   #marriage   #nepalinimages  
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