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Polka Dot culottes
Summer has told me over and over and OVER again that she isn't happy with these pictures we shot by Liverpool Street station last week- I'm posting them anyway because I'm quite happy with them, though there aren't that many because it was so windy on this ...

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Spitalfields Market
If you've been following us for a while, you might have noticed that Summer & I tend to shoot items we've worn several times over and over again. I know that many fashion bloggers who follow the latest trends tend to share outfits focused on the season's ne...

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Culottes in London
It was a chilly, windy day in London. We took Summer's pictures on the Thames Walk, before crossing over and walking through Burrow Market, past Shakespeare's Globe and the Tate, over Blackfriars bridge and finally into the Underground. From Blackfriars sta...

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Autumn 2016 in 35mm film
“Autumn...the year's last, loveliest smile." ―  William Cullen Bryant The day we went to Kew Gardens, the day we talked and laughed and walked until our feet bled, until we could no longer bear the cold or ignore our hunger.  These pictures, regrettably lef...

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Whitehall Gardens, London
After a tasty lunch at Maxwell's in Covent Garden, Summer & I took our Dad to Waterloo Station as he made his way back home to France. We walked out of the station, no clue where we were headed, our only goal to explore and breathe in the City of London. Th...

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The 'masculine' wool coat
As much as I love this 'masculine' wool coat from Zara, it doesn't offer much against the cold. You need to perfect the art of layering if you're willing to wear it out during the winter months, but once you've cracked the technique, it works pretty well. I...

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Mesh Embroidered Midi Dress by Dezzal - Details
Summer & I very rarely have the opportunity to wear evening dresses. It's a quiet dream of mine to wear a beautiful dress to a special dinner, celebration or event. I missed out on the traditional prom experience, I didn't have a graduation party, and my bi...

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I hate wearing jeans. I will always, always chose a skirt over jeans. High-waisted, a-line, midi, pleated, anything to avoid that sausage-leg feeling. I've had this corduroy a-line piece for a couple of years now, and although it's barely holding together, ...

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Jonathan Byers' Denim Jacket
 Happy New Year!! Super excited to get back on the blogging track- We had the best couple of weeks back home with our family over the festive period, despite suffering from the flu and horrible homesickness (the one you get before you even leave home).  We ...

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La Redoute Jumper
Happy New Year all! Not only is this our first ootd post of 2017, it's also the first outfit post to be shot with our new 50mm lens. I'm so grateful that I finally have my hands on it, the past few months I couldn't help but notice all the changes our littl...
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