GCG to Filter Scripts on Export

So as you may or may not remember -- the citizens of GCG voted for an open grid. That was in theory "set in stone" and would never be changed.

Weeeeeeelllllll --

As of this weekend scripts will not leave the grid. So anything with a script (this is my assumption) will not work when exported OR it may not export at all. Note that exports need to be enabled as in Take A Copy items for things to leave Canada anyway.  Actually this is only true for HG visitors; that info was misinformation so far as GCG citizens go as I just tested.

I am shaking my head a bit over this. We went through it all before. The people voted overwhelmingly (in caps) to enable exports by choice; those not wanting to export goods simply use non-export permissions. (again misinformation). I have my guesses as to why there is a turn around now but they are only guesses so taping my mouth *wink*.

Meanwhile if there is anything you want with a script in at Parkville (some lamps and boxes with scripts for the tutorials come to mind), be sure and come and get them tomorrow, Friday. I have no idea what can be taken or what will be useful after that date.  Those items are in the PIFB schoolhouse at ground level.


I am particularly unhappy with this comment from the leader, "Scripts are the engines to making creations work...you can take a shell but thats all it is...just a shell." 

This is the EXACT same comment and rationale Linden Lab used when they released the code that made copybots possible and the grid revolted.  To say that the hundreds of hours people spend making mesh and textures doesn't really count is pretty insulting to those creators.

Mark me unhappy.

UPDATE:  There is a vote now of sorts going on at GCG on this thread. So state your position. Majority rules which is better than decree :D.  


For historical context.

The vote had most all (one person FOR that I saw) wanting to keep things the way it has been. Roddie decided to put in the script filter anyway. It was implemented but didn't work and will be taken off and things will be as before for now. Some threads are already gone so those that were interested, hopefully read while they were available.  
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