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Chic Aeon
A virtual world wanderer -- writer, builder, artist.
A virtual world wanderer -- writer, builder, artist.

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The Grand Tutorials List

*NEW* - Blender 2.78 Changes and Additions

Below is a list of tips and tutorials from 2015.

2016 entries are in the stream but no list. Lots here for a good start. AND I am adding a post (or maybe more) on testing done for physics. This is mostly for Opensim as the new 9 UbODE code acts very much like SL. So appropriate for both platforms.


Beginner Blender

Blender Tips

CYCLES Blender Tips List

PIF Beginning Prim Building VIDEOS

Windlight Tutorial VIDEOS

Scripts List for PIFB Videos

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Physics Updates?

I know it has been over a year since "the new physics" began being tested on the OSgrid sandbox. I was in GCG then when I was doing tests, so that's my benchmark.

There was a lot of chatter about pros and cons and such. My tests showed that the UbOde physics worked much like Sl's physics meaning you definitely needed a physics model (a good one of course) for things to act as you would like them to.

Are there any commercial grids (those that host for others) that are actually using UbOde now? Most of my things will work with that and since I have a physics models to use I will upload things with them even if physics type 3 isn't being used much now.

It would be sorta cool if I could just SIT on this bench like I would in SL - LOL. As is I am backwards and sitting inside and above.

Same bench. Same physics model. Chic is on Bullet physics in Kitely.

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I need to rest for sure. It's been fun except for updating Market pages, but some quiet time with Blender is on my agenda.

Meanwhile Parkville is "done" for now after three long days -- and the new Furniture and Decor store is open -- HABITAT.

Items include things I made in Opensim as well as imports from SL. They are things I brought in for me for my homes -- so rustic, eclectic etc.

Items are for sale to the Kitely folks. A few items are also on the Market so the store acts as a demo area for those things.

The animation shop is down the street and I will be adding more to that in the future. Some art from my former partner is in the mix and of course lots of buildings.

You can reach the city where Habitat resides from the teleporter boards in the center of the PARKVILLE sim at ground level or hop on over directly to:


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New at Kitely Market

Whew, working hard :D.

New Tunnel Entrance with road sign (made for that sorta famous movie from awhile back). Both faux and drive through tunnels are included. Physics model used so it should work on all current engines.

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New on Kitely Market

See in Kitely at Parkville; link in product description.

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PIF Building School Returns

Today is move in day at Kitely.

It's been awhile since I packed up from GCG (I was not evicted as some folks seem to think and repeat but that's another story wink). No regrets.

I had my terrain file and my ground textures, added some new, made a new sky that I need to hook up as default and ...

put back the little schoolhouse.

Parkville Kitely is mainly going to be a retail space with demos for the Market and some items for the Kitely folks that actually live in Kitely -- like animations, furniture and decor.

But I certainly didn't want to forget the schoolhouse. The building textures and scripts were happily all inside the schoolhouse when GCG Chic sent it over to Kitely Chic and they are in take a copy form which should work fine for hypergrid folks.

There are also some furniture samples of the things we built in the classes in take a copy from.

For those that might want to learn how to build with prims, the tutorials are here:

And the little schoolhouse is now in Kitely at:



Input Please - Kitely Sims :D

Now I know that the "best deal" at Kitely is a four region var, but I really don't NEED that. I am a simplistic gal. A single sim is less "hefty" according to the website info but really, it will only be used for demos and for me popping in to test or upload or whatever.

I tried to be scientific (yes that should be in quotes) and went around seemingly testing single sims versus 4 region vars for entry time (yes, I still am not found of the waiting waiting thing even though I DO get how practical it is), but you can't really compare things as someone may have a sim with great mesh and simple scripts and another might have some horrible downloaded dense mesh and scripts from hell.

So for those of you that are IN Kitely, any opinions about which is better. I am leaning toward a single sim as I am a single gal - HOHO.

Thanks for input.

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Spring - WIP

I am SO ready for Spring!


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I have so many ducks in a row my building pad is overflowing with gacha sets and charity set ups. Time for some downtime.

Meanwhile here is a pretty picture of the remade set from GCG now in a newer low poly with Cycles textures version. It was a process and I could easily see how my modeling skills have changed over the years. Always good to feel you are improving.

I have made a lot of books and coffee cups in my brief 3D career. These came together quickly for some "clutter" that I needed to make a set more homey. I was super surprised how easy (and low poly) that coffee cup was now. "NOW" is the important word here.

The more you practice the more you learn and the faster you get -- even without trying. So for those of you just starting on the Blender (or Maya or whatever) road, just keep at it. It does get easier and faster.

Those slip on tennis shoes were made for Virtual Paradise long ago and are available in IWs at Musing Moments *wink*. Many colors, no patterns :D.


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2.78 Drawing Curves

Another fun and creative tool added to the already installed list is the ability to "draw" curves. You can do this with your mouse or with a pen tablet. The pen tablet with let you easily make the curve fatter or thinner.

There is a very good video that I will link to, plus a couple of tips.

The biggest thing that I can emphasize (mentioned in the video but I completely missed it) is that you need to be in CURVE mode and in EDIT mode in order to access the Draw Curve button. So you need to add a curve and then delete the vertices -- then be in edit and click the button.

This is my first project using the feature. I did buy a tablet as my old one was old and dusty and had an XP driver. The tablet gave me greater creative freedom but I need a bunch more practice before I can draw what my mind envisions.

Be sure and keep the settings for the curve low poly. Here I removed about half (in a few placed more) of the edge loops in order to get a fairly low poly model.

Here is the best video that found on this feature:

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