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I loves me some internets

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My workflow for sharing G+ Auto-Awesomeness with family (my wife, sister, cousins, parents and in-laws all have iPads/iPhones and most are not on G+)...

1) view an AutoAwesome movie on Android phone and think: "hey that's pretty awesome!"
2) download movie to Android
3) upload from Android to Dropbox
4) download from Dropbox to Macbook
5) convert from mp4 to mov file on Macbook
6) upload mov back to Dropbox using Macbook
7) export mov from Dropbox to iPhone Camera Roll
8) share mov on iCloud Shared Photostream
9) get Likes and Comments on Photostream

Three download/upload network round trips to share a single movie. Sigh.

Re: #2 -- can't do this from iOS G+ app because iPhone can't handle mp4 files

Re: #6 -- because iPhoto on Macbook can't share videos to iCloud

Re: #7 -- because the iOS Dropbox app can't share to iCloud so I have to download the mov to the native Camera Roll before sharing

Yes yes I know that all this would be so much easier if I could get my family to use G+. I even got everyone to try it in 2011; most said they couldn't figure it out. In any case, I think they like receiving photos all in one place via photostreams on their iPads (I'm not the only one sharing pics with them, so I don't think my photos alone can swing the whole group over to G+).

If Apple were more aggressive about photo sharing, they would build a Photostream app for Google Play. ;-)

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Sometimes what happens in Vegas gets posted on G+. Oops. ;-)

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View from the Cosmopolitan #CES2014
Animated Photo

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Yee thinking hard; dangerous

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If you want to remove EXIF and GPS data from a photo snapped on your smartphone and have ImageMagick installed, you can: 

mogrify -strip imagename.jpg

That is all.
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