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UK jobs market stablises but no sign yet that Brexit means EU worker exit
It's UK jobs report day once again. This month's labour market data release from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) mostly covers the three months to December (i.e. Q4) 2016  The UK labour market stabilized in the final quarter with little overall act...

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Precarious workforce bears the brunt of UK jobs slowdown
It's possible that you might read positive things about the latest Jobs Report from the UK's Office for National Statistics, mostly covering the three months September to November 2016, which was published earlier today. If so, here is a cautionary note:  T...

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Sharp rise in number of inactive jobless cuts headline unemployment as private sector job creation falls
I have just had a quick look at the latest official UK monthly Jobs Report,
mostly containing data for the three months August to October 2016, published earlier today by
the Office for National Statistics (ONS).   The UK labour market finally appears to be...

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Still no obvious sign of negative Brexit effect in official UK jobs report as unemployment falls again boosting pay rises despite another dip in productivity growth
The UK Office for National Statistics (ONS) has just published its latest monthly update on the labour market with data mostly covering the quarter July to September.   The initial observation is another month and still no obvious sign of
Brexit in the offi...

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Small rise in level of UK unemployment should not be seen as ‘canary in the coalmine’ for future adverse effect of Brexit vote
The UK Office for National Statistics has just released the latest official jobs report, mostly covering the three months June to August 2016 There has been a small quarterly rise of 10,000 in the headline level of unemployment. This is disappointing news b...

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Pseudo Say's law and the secret of George Osborne's jobs record
All political careers, it's often said, end in failure. But this never stops departing politicians from putting a gloss on their own professional obituaries. When earlier this week the Office for National Statistics (ONS) published strong headline figures f...

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Thoughts on the effects of Brexit on UK unemployment and the labour market
Earlier today I participated in a plenary panel session of
the Learning & Work Institute’s IntoWork Convention 2016 on the broad subject
of what Brexit might mean for the UK labour market and employment policy. Here
is a write-up of the issues considered du...

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Skills mismatch, job quality and the productivity puzzle
The UK’s very poor
recent trend productivity performance features prominently in debate following
yesterday’s Budget, with pessimism over prospects for improvement a key reason for
downward revisions to GDP growth forecasts. The so-called ‘productivity puzz...

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Pace of UK jobs market recovery slows ahead of ‘quarter of uncertainty’ for businesses
Budget day in the UK so less focus than usual on the latest official labour
market numbers published earlier this morning by the Office for National
Statistics (mostly covering the three months to January 2016). Good news on jobs
will doubtless get at ...

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Latest official numbers show record UK employment remains a mixed blessing for economy
Economic growth may have slowed in the final quarter of last year but,
as the Office for National Statistics informed us earlier today,  this didn’t prevent a further big quarterly
rise in employment of 205,000 (0.7%), almost all full time, split roughly
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