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On #Chrome, Ctrl-Shift-T (or Cmd-Shift-T on the mac) reopens the tab you just closed. WHAT KIND OF SORCERY IS THIS?

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Nueva entrega de la serie de videotutoriales destinados al Quadcopter DiY. En este caso, tutorial para configurar el GPS de nuestra controladora de vuelo. Una NEO-6M

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Top JS/CSS3 experiments of 2013

Crazy amount of inspiration ( - check out the most popular projects on CodePen in 2013. I've seen some of these before, but there are still some real gems in there.

Love browsing through CodePen - there are of course no shortage of impressive JavaScript and CSS3 apps online these days - but CodePen is about small pieces of code that solve a specific issue and are sometimes real works of art (like for example I'm in love with Animated Radio Input demo below).

A few of my personal favorites in no particular oder:
Spread ( by +Mathias Paumgarten 
Reactive Transitions ( by +Yogev Ahuvia 
Dashed Shadow ( by Lucas Bebber
:focus tooltip ( by +Victor Pegado 
Input Love ( by +Michael Arestad 
Sakura ( by c5h12
Jelly Menu ( by LegoMushroom
Twitter Button ( by +Bennett Feely 
Hyperspace ( by +Noah Blon 
Yahoo Weather slider ( by +Chris Coyier 
Multiplane Demo ( by +Nick Pettit 
Animated Radio input ( by +simurai plus 
Drawing with text ( by +Tim Holman 
A circular form ( by +Yogev Ahuvia again
Animated text fill ( by +Daniel Riemer 
Audio Visualisation ( by +Justin Windle 
Seconds Counter ( by Martin Grand
12 Fancy Buttons ( by +Bartek Drozdz 
Kontext ( by +Hakim El Hattab 
Shape Shifter ( +Kenneth Cachia 
Sketch.js ( by +Justin Windle again

Of course these are just a few of them (+ I left out the really popular ones that I posted before) - but its well worth it to check out the entire list.

And these guys are pretty active pushing out projects that are even crazier but have not made the CodePen 2013 list - so if you're looking for a good source of inspiration for 2014, check out their profiles on G+ (or elsewhere) and add them to your circles.

And keep browsing CodePen from time to time :)

#javascript   #css3   #html5   #codepen   #webdesign   #webdev  
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Would it have killed my Math Teacher to have this Animation Ready when teaching about Radians?
Join the Simple Science and Interesting Things  Community and share interesting stuff!

The radian is the standard unit of angular measure, used in many areas of mathematics. An angle's measurement in radians is numerically equal to the length of a corresponding arc of a unit circle, so one radian is just under 57.3 degrees (when the arc length is equal to the radius)
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