Kaulavalinirnaya Tantra: Unless a man does the rite of Antaryaga, any outward Yaga or sacrificial rite that he may do becomes fruitless. Antaryaga may be done in different ways such as Kundaliniyoga or meditation by the Sadhaka in his heart on the Ocean of Nectar in the middle of which is the Island of Gems encircled by a beach of golden sand. All over the Island are Parijata trees and in its middle is a Kalpa tree which is composed of the 50 letters of the alphabet. At the foot of this tree is the excellent Temple of Light (Jyotirmandira) decked with Gems of various kinds. It is resplendent like the rising sun and is a hundred Yojanas in extent. Its light is diffused all over the universe. Surrounded by a wall of gold it has four entrances. Fly-whisks, flags and bells add to its beauty.
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