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Check out the latest competition we have brought for all of you to enjoy and this one could quite possibly be the best competition we have ever found for you all to enter. This competition has a very quick entry process and of course it is 100% FREE for all to enter and the prize is a brand new Kia Sorento auto mobile as well as $10,000 worth of free gasoline to see you on your way.

The way we have been seeing things lately is any offer, free sample deal or competition which offers a way for people to save money in one way or another in one area or another of their lives is a good thing and so we have made it our mission to set our site apart from all the other competition and free sample sites by only bringing you worthwhile realistic competitions and money saving offers.

To find out more about how you can win this Kia Sorento and the $10,000 in gas or to enter simply follow the link provided below and good luck

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We have been going crazy over the last couple of days bringing you multiple competitions and free stuff (more then usual which is already a regular thing) which basically means there has never been a better time to come and visit us we literally have an offer, competition etc to suite anyone and everyone.

Here are a few of our latest posts

Win $3500 Kmart Gift Card! One Page Submission! -

Further your career with our FREE Job’s Guide!!! (Limited Offer) -

Share your views and opinions and in return win $3,500 or a brand new LG Smart TV -

We highly recommend you at least visit our site and take a look around we are sure you will find contests, free samples, offers, coupons etc that are of interest to you and if you feel we are missing an essential type of competition or offer just let us know and we will go out on the hunt to find just what your looking for :)

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SAVE $3,500 ON Gasoline!!! Never before have we had such an impressive competition for you all to enter 100% FREE. Just think of all the things you could buy with the $3,500 you will save. Holidays, Cars, New Pad, Furniture the possibilities really are endless. Enter here today

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Enter here today and get yourself a FREE Gillette Razor and we all know how expensive they have got these days. That is one of the reasons we thought this free sample offer is just perfect. Sign up here...

Here at Competitions Online 4 U (CO4U for short) we pride ourselves on providing only the best competitions, freebies and offers that our website users want and because of this we would love to hear what you would like to see more of and less of on our site. This is your chance to help us create a site where you can find what your looking for with ease. Remember asking for a specific type of competition can do no harm and we promise we will do our best to find the perfect competition/freebie/offer just for you!!!

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Want to save money on common laundry products??? Yes we know it not the most exciting offer around but just think the more you save in areas such as this the more free cash you have for that boys/girls night out, holiday or maybe you just want to top up your savings. What ever you plan to do with your extra cash this offer is perfect for you. Check out the full post here and don't forget to tell all your friends and family about this amazing offer and more importantly about the unique service our website offers bringing you the best in competitions, contests, free samples and freebies.

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Check our amazing website dedicated to bringing you a selection of the best competitions, freebies, free samples and much much more all 100% FREE

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We would like to announce that we have now launched our competitions and free stuff website on Google Plus for you all to enjoy.

If you like entering competitions (all free to enter) we are sure we will have competitions offering prizes which interest you as well as a massive range of freebies and other amazing offers you just can't miss.
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