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What lines of poetry or song lyrics do you use to motive yourself while working on a creative project? In my post, I write about some of the poetry lines that help me acknowledge my mode at the end of a creative endeavor.

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The end of the summer semester of Creative Thinking and Problem Solving always reminds me how important it is to plan for and embrace the inevitable end of a project or endeavor.  Here are some of the tactics that help me transition from ending into the early stages of beginning something new.

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Bittersweet: The Ending of a Creative Project
One of the most important things that we can do as creatives is acknowledge endings; both emotionally and analytically.  Learn from them and plan for them, like any phase of a project.   July is hard. It is the month that my dad passed away.  Always lurking...

Amazon, if you and my Kindle are so smart, then you should know that I can't write a review for The Curious Case of the Copper Corpse because I have been too busy to do anything other than open the download and read page one.   #dreamingofreadingforpleasure   #Somuchdatastillnotsmart  

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The often overlooked magic of digital marketing is that it creates an intimate conversation with the customer. I truly believe that thinking ‪#‎digitalfirst‬ inspires better and more innovative marketing. Excited to share these thoughts in this new post for mediaman // USA 

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Many of us have rituals for beginning the year. Mine is doing "inventory" (deeply ingrained in me from retail) which I find helpful for both setting and supporting goals. What do you do to begin anew each year?

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Taking Inventory: A First Step to Successfully Reaching Your Goals
The month of January is synonymous with new beginnings,
resolutions and goal setting.  While
I feel it is a bunch of malarkey to start anew this month, every year I am reminded
that well-intentioned goals or resolutions are nothing without a good

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Inspired by the magic that happens in my class at the beginning of the semester, here are seven of my favorite habits to spark your creativity this season.

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Seven Habits to Boost Your Creative Thinking This Fall
It may be the end of the growing season, as a garden article
laying open on my porch table proclaims, but for many of us the fall carries
with it the natural rhythms of learning, making it a perfect season of intellectual
growth.  For many of us, students a...

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Insights from author, academic and mediaman founder Thomas Vogel on the importance of having a holistic approach to creativity in your career and at the office.  #creativity   #creativethinking  #breakthroughthinking
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