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It's my birthday! 

I believe YOU are supremely talented and I always try to learn from everyone I meet.

On my birthday I wish to learn from you. 

Can you tell me ONE important lesson that you've learned in your life? That is all I want from you for my birthday.

Just leave a comment at the blog. It would make my day. :) 

Link to the post: 

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8 Industry Experts Share Their Top Ways to Get Real Attention Online [Expert Speak 3]

Most of us never knew how high profile influencers and celebrities lead their tribes.

In this post, influencers themselves have agreed to join hands to help you shine online.

They're willing to share their strategies that are proven to help you achieve the best in your online endeavors.
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3 Secrets To Make People Like You 

You have the power to change and you can learn to be more likable.

This article may cause you to —

1.  be more persuasive. 

2.  be more likable. 

3.  be more trustable.

Read and leave your comments: 

Have a great day. :) 
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Just sharing because this is fun and #Evilwade  told us LOL +Wade Harman 
We need your help! +Wade Harman otherwise known as Evil Wade this week, has taken our Google+ page hostage and it looks like he has also drove to Indiana and tied up our owner +Jay Baer for some diabolical reason!

He said he will give his demands in just a few minutes, and we appreciate anything you could do to help us out!

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Tagged by the master reviewer +Priya Sharma ma'am to participate in this game. 

Lets do it! 

1. Favorite Song - Can't choose one... :P 

2. Favorite Sport - Chess. Wait, is chess really a sport? I don't know. But I am an introvert and i like playing with a few people not in a team or with a crowd so chess is the BEST! 

3. Favorite Band - None. 

4. Favorite Show - I don't watch T.V. We have 3 televisions at home but I prefer watching shows on YouTube. I like watching Survivor, Big Brother AU, BBUK, and horror fiction series. :P 

5. Favorite Movie - I don't watch movies. :) 

6. Favorite Color - Black, Red, Yellow and Blue. 

7. Favorite Food - Pav Bhaji. (Indian food mostly popular in Mumbai). 

8. Favorite Drink - I will copy +Priya Sharma ma'am and say H2O. Lol... I don't drink anything except water. 

9. Favorite Video Game - Contra (when it was popular back in 2000's). Now I play online survivor games. :) 

10. Tag 15 people - OMG no! It is huge. I will pick 4 who I think would be interested - +Subham Srivastava +Ajay Pai +Shubhangi Srikanth +Gowthama Rajavelu :) 
Tagged by Michael carter...

These are hard for me after all I'm simply me ... lol

1. Words unspoken
2. Basket ball
3. Not sure.. Earth wind and fire?
4. Hmm.... 24
5. The notebook
8. Strawberry daiquiri
9. Do not have one...

Your turn +D Rollins​, +Kirstin Jones​, +Kimberly Renee​, +Joe Dean​, +Jessica Nicole​, +Sarah Jones​, +Love !​, +Mistress Phia Phia Sensation​, +Meow Snap Crackle Pop​, +Phillip Lang​, +M Ali​, +Anna Mora​, +Belle Femme​, +Brian Lee​, +Arthur T.
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How To Make A Great Digital First Impression And Maintain It

Deep down, we all just want to be the most memorable person in the room. We all have the hunger and the desire to be known. Being memorable is all about being real and honest. People will naturally get attracted to you if you add value into their lives.This post will help you stand out of the crowd and make a great digital impression.  

Mentioned in this post: +Susheel karam 

#onlinereputation   #reputation   #reputationmanagement  
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How To Use Twitter To Build Your Blog Audience [Infographic] 

Read my guest post at +Aha!NOW  and learn how to use #twitter   to build your blog audience. 

#twitter   #twittermarketing   #twittertips   #infographic   #rohanlicious  
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The Dark Side Of Blogging: Lessons From Expert Bloggers 

Blogging is not as glamorous as you think. Read the post to find out the negatives of blogging. 

Experts mentioned in the post: +Harleena Singh +Harsh Agrawal +John Rampton +Sasidhar Kareti +Swadhin Agrawal +Ahmad Imran +Mi Muba +Pat Flynn +John Michel 

#blogging   #quotes   #expertspeak   #rohanlicious  
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Must-Know Relationship Marketing Strategies by +Swadhin Agrawal DO NOT MISS 

Thank you so much swadhin for the mention. 
How To Practise Relationship Marketing?A definitive Guide on must-know Relationship Strategies
Did You know that small business practicing RM got 4000% more qualified prospects. This post will walk you through the key relationship marketing strategies that will make your small business flooded with traffic and sales.

Get the full scoop here:
Or Pin it for future reference
Mentions: +Pat Flynn +Neil Patel +Sue Anne Dunlevie +ROHAN CHAUBEY +JetBlue +Taco Bell +HubSpot +Ted Rubin +Brian Clark 

#relationshipgoals   #marketing   #marketingonline  #smallbiz #smallbusinesstips   #smallbusinessmarketing   #biztips   #socbiz   #mompreneur  
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