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Blue Morpho Butterfly Swarm, Brazil
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they have butterflies like that on the island my sister lives on of the coast of queensland australia there called ulysses butterfly and they have wild mango trees
yes n they have koalas and rock wallabies as there are lots of granite rocks on the island
don't bother about the correct English, Nobody is writing Queen's English here!
Raj D
beautiful :)
awww.. beautiful!! love butterflies have tattoos of them on both my feet :)
Beautiful picture!!
ba la
lovely pic
OMG. it has a dark beauty. so much eyecatching. God's awsomeness
Don't quit your day job!  That's a waste of good dark chocolate!
Beautiful blue, lovely photos, thanks for sharing.
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I love the picture , its awesome , the small wonders of nature
this is so beautiful its such a calming blue i wish they would migrate here
wicked swarm of beautiful buterfly's
beauty does not require any introduction
Butterflies are my favorite of all. And blue is my Second favorite color. Pink is my ultimate favorite color by far.
So awesome.only thing that could be coolier would be if all the butterflies were pink instead of blue.
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