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Jennifer Madigan
I'm a Leo. That probably says enough to some. ;)
I'm a Leo. That probably says enough to some. ;)


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Pumpkin Investigations
Reading and elementary science are two passions of mine.  Family literacy is HUGELY (it is a word now if it wasn't before. It is on the internet, it HAS to be true) important to me.  That is one of the things I am most excited about with this new opportunit...

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Find My Place. Finding My Voice. Rediscovering My Purpose.
Hello Blogosphere! Many of you know there have been inner struggles in my world. One at a time (and not nearly as quickly as I would have liked) they seem to be working themselves out. Yes, in typical life fashion, you figure one out and something else come...

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Reunited with Charleston, SC
What a fast, but amazing handful of days! Back in March, Small Town Guy and I took a few days and headed south. We headed away from the relentless winter of 2014/2015 and headed to the state that makes my soul happy - South Carolina. I lived in SC for two y...

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Running, the first day of spring
The first day of spring has come and gone. The month of March has done the same. March and it's lions couldn't pack their bags fast enough as far as I am concerned. The first day of spring seemed like a great day to plan for a longer (for me) run. The Bridg...

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Spring Is Coming!
Spring HAS to be coming!!! It HAS to be! The odd thing is, it is April 1st when I write this post. The first day of spring has come and gone. There are signs of spring, birds, plants poking through the ground, melting snow, and the temps are warming, but th...

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Ok. I need to work on my writing again and using other social media outlets. What better way to start than with a Relay For Life fundraiser! #fundraiser   #relayforlife   #rflpawarren  

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Baking with memories and treasured heirlooms
Hey everyone!! Lots of oddness around here today. I baked AND I am blogging. The last couple day have been the "perfect storm" for so many things! I was up early and cinnamon rolls sounded good. While Small Town Guy was catching up on some zzz's (or maybe I...

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Warren Historic District Walking Tour **photo heavy**
Awhile back, I had picked up a pamphlet for the Warren Historic District Walking Tour. Like most pamphlets, it came home and was added to a pile. While cleaning out my office/creative space the other day, I came across the walking tour pamphlet again (in ad...

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Fall in My Small Town of Warren, PA ***photo heavy post
Today was the last day for the next 5 or so where there was a little sunshine in the forecast. I took advantage of the nice, but chilly, day and walked around town  for some fall photos. I headed out to do the walking tour of the historic district and decid...

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Do you fairies???
I do! Fairies, gnomes, Santa, the magic of Christmas, I
believe in them all!! This isn't of those posts you can plan for. I was out on my
run this morning and ran right by the spot these photos were taken and didn't
notice a think. That also means I ran by ...
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