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My journey with Tarot began sometime in the spring of 2003.

It called to me as a Medium, when people around started regarding my Intuition as being uncannily accurate. I had surmised a long time ago that the intuitive part within me was strong enough to depend on for certain decisions in life which seemed noteworthy at the time. So the move towards Tarot, naturally, and, to an extent, ironically, was intuitive.

As mentioned earlier, I began using the Cards as a Medium for communication ā€“ learning the art of speaking to the cards with the help of various Seers and authorities of Divination. All of it was self-learnt and the partaking of this knowledge bestowed an incredible feeling of satisfaction which was at the same time, heady and fulfilling.

It has been a few years, since I have been reading the Cards for others, trying in my own way to help those who come to me with questions about their own lives. Hopefully, I have managed to end a part of their specific confusion; and, in turn, given them the answers to the questions that have so dominated their hopes.

And I wish to continue with this hope of my own.

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