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James Graham
Blogger, political nerd, geek and gobshite.
Blogger, political nerd, geek and gobshite.

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Fans of supernatural teenage drama are recommended to check out Shade the Changing Girl. As an avid fan of the 90s incarnation of the comic, I'm a massive fan, and this new iteration is very Monsterhearts-y.

I can't make it tonight. Anyone else willing to take the lead?

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I'm going to close the London Indie RPG Meetup survey in the next couple of days, so I just wanted to give people a final chance to fill it in:

We've had a great response so far, but I want to ensure that I get as many responses as possible. I'm really keen to find out how people think we can make our meetup better. Remember: you don't need to be a regular attendee to fill it in; even if you've only come once, we really want to hear your views.

If you've already filled it in, could you share the link with any friends you know who have come to our meetup in the past, and encourage them to fill it in?

Many thanks,

James Graham

London Indie RPG Meetup Organiser

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The London Indie RPG Meetup Survey is now live! If you have five minutes over lunch today (or perhaps later), please do fill it in.


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The tldr; version:

* I’m writing a survey for Indiemeet participants and would like your input;
* I’d like us to formalise how we organise stuff a bit better and use an online tool such as Asana to help people better coordinate together.

Now, read on...

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Thought I'd repost this here, as it may be of interest 
+Richard Williams has written an overview of how Jason Morningstar's handling of dice in his games has evolved...

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+Richard Williams has written an overview of how Jason Morningstar's handling of dice in his games has evolved...

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This Saturday is our birthday meetup, so if you've been meaning to give it a try for a while or haven't been for ages, come along and celebrate with us!

Does anyone object if I try to give the October Saturday Indiemeet an extra marketing push over the next few weeks? Given our general philosophy of people doing what they want, I don't know why anyone would, but I'm very conscious of the fact that I haven't been around for a few months for various reasons and I don't want to step on any plans other folk might have.

I think Indiemeet has been languishing for a while now and while I don't think there's any reason it should go on forever, I'd like to see if we can give it a little boost.

Sorry if this has come up before, but I'm really struggling to get a copy of Heroquest Glorantha in the UK. I've had a look around, and none of the gaming stores have it (I've checked around a dozen online and Orc's Nest and Leisure Games in person). Chaosium tell me that Esdevium are distributing it, but I've just personally looked at the stock list and there's nothing.

I have spotted lots of copies at Forbidden Planet London but a) I want to support my FLGS, b) more selfishly they aren't a Bits and Mortar Store and c) that doesn't solve the problem. My guess is it was listed in Previews and they picked it up from Diamond.

Anyone know anything about this? Whenever I've tried engaging with anyone at Chaosium / Moon Design they don't seem to think there's a problem.
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