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Artful Dodger
I like games, computers and a bunch of other cool shit.
I like games, computers and a bunch of other cool shit.

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I quite like this. The street view interface is so much faster than Google's. 

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Great review! Can't wait for this!

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Can't wait for this. Nov 13th can't get here fast enough.

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Studying computer science here (first year). Not a bad uni.

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My favourite show. It came to a very abrupt ending. There were so many story arcs, especially after the shocking ending and the sad death in Serenity; but I digress. Nothing can be done. All we can do is share; share Firefly and Serenity. Let the world see what perfection is.

How did Apple goof up so badly? How could they allow such a botched app to be used in production? Wow. Steve Jobs would very, very angry right about now.

Two-factor authentication. I like the idea, I require it sometimes but not always.

What if websites making two-factor authentication available allowed users to have two passwords to access their accounts.

1) The first password would log you into your account so you can use it as normal. No two-factor authentication here. This password could be used where you think you're secure e.g. at home on your own computer.

2) This second password, when entered would bring up the second authentication screen and allow you to enter the code that is sent to your mobile device.

This would allow you to remain secure when using a computer that you don't feel secure on and also avoid the hassle when you know for sure that you're safe.

I know TrueCrypt also has this feature for their volumes but does it to provide plausible deniability to the user. 

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Uh yeah, I don't think I should do that.
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