BLOG: Are You There God? It's Me, PR...

By Katy Campbell, a PR girl in London

Over the last few weeks it's been a struggle for me to pick up the morning papers, as the headlines have been pretty dire. I refuse to glance at my fellow commuters' Metro or City AM for fear that my mood will have depleted by the time I make it to the office.

Today however, I failed. I glimpsed briefly at the passenger next to me's paper 'Rejection of women bishops a "very grim day" for the Church of England' it read. This is when it dawned on me - God needs PR.

Let's have a look at the church. It is viewed as an archaic and obsolete religious body, with opinions that date back centuries. With time comes changes, and this is something that the church, and God, have failed to appreciate. As the Church of England (C of E) reaches boiling point, it is perhaps the time to step in and say "Are you there, God? It's me, PR."

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