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KETOSIS -- there's lots to talk about! ...
1. Bulletproof Coffee
2. Exogenous Ketones
3. MCT Oil
4. Intermittent Fasting
5. High-Fat Diets ... and more!
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Sweet Potato Carbonara Recipe
via +DrHardick

Craving a classic pasta comfort food? This Sweet Potato “Pasta” Carbonara is the creamy, noodle-less option for a little less carb overload and empty calories from starch/sugar of pasta, and a delicious way to get more veggies too. Kale adds fiber, flavor and crunch, which you can switch with any other preferred dark leafy green such as spinach (for superfood status), chard or collards. This is the satisfying and different “pasta” dish that you’ll want to make a big vat of for your family and guests. #paleo #sweetpotato #carbonara #healthrecipie

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The Fat-Soluble Vitamins: A, D, E and K
via +AuthorityNutrition #vitamins #fatsoluablevitamins #VitaminA #VitaminD #VitaminE

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The Crazy Side Effect Of Stevia That No One Knows About
via +MindBodyGreen

The stevia plant is found to grow naturally in tropical areas of Latin America and has been used for centuries. It’s sweet taste comes from two primary glycosides—stevioside and rebaudioside. If you look at the label on certain brands you will see they only use rebaudioside because it has less of the bitter aftertaste with 450 times the sweetness of table sugar. #stevia #fertility #sugarsubstitute

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The Best and Worst Foods for Your Thyroid
via +Health #thyroid #health #thyroidhealth

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This week's recipe is another twist on PASTA! Even whole grain pasta can be inflammatory and add excess carbs that most people really don't need. For people avoiding wheat, this is a great one, and probably one you haven't seen before...
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