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Dr. B.J. Hardick
Healing from the inside out.
Healing from the inside out.


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Overtraining can DEFINITELY take its toll on your digestive system. Here are my 5 tips on +mindbodygreen on how to take care of your gut alongside any level of fitness.

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Do Vegetarians & Vegans Really Live Longer? The science might surprise you!
I'm hoping I don't ruffle too many feathers with this article ... but here it is via +mindbodygreen.

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New recipe and you're gonna LOVE IT.
(No grains!)

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More on KETOSIS and why it might not work for everyone! ... Plus a few tokens of thought on ketone supplements :) ... Check out my new article on +Healthy Holistic Living! THOUGHTS???

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One of THE BIGGEST questions I get. ("Should I take a digestive enzyme?") Here's my new article on this but, in principle:
(1) Don't another true health issue or food sensitivity by taking enzymes with your food.
(2) Enzyme supplements don't give you permission to indulge. You can still get screwed up that way.
(3) Your body should be producing its own enzymes! Keep striving for Innate function in the body...

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Hey, gang... I personally AM a fan of intermittent fasting and do it myself ... but it's not right for everyone! Here are 5 reasons not to do intermittent fasting in my new article on +mindbodygreen! Questions? Let me know in the comments...

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Hey, gang ... Just released on mindbodygreen is my new article on calcium and dairy. You might be surprised by the info! Leave your questions here :)

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If you saw What The Health or have followed The China Study, you'd likely believe that Vegans and Vegetarians are likely to live much longer -- and be much healthier! I recently read an article showing that such is not necessarily the case (particularly with respect to lifespan), so I've written an article on this to summarize further...

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Hey, gang ... Don't hate me for this -- but here's a list of 5 overrated superfoods in my new article on +mindbodygreen :)
1. Red Wine
2. ACV
3. Kombucha
4. Coconut Oil

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How do you get fruits and veggies into a brownie? Right here!

This is my newest favourite recipe. You're going to love this.

#100 Paleo -- no refined sugar and no grains or flour in these, either ... This is now up on my site. Let me know how you like it!
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