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This picture is taken on One House Bay in Greece. The water is so clear that the boat seems to be floating on air!
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without the comments, i thought the boat is indeed floating!
That looks totally mad! Very cool picture. 
Waqas Rehman it looks like that because the shadow is on the sea bed but you get the impression the shadow is on top of the water which makes the boat appear to be floating. This is possible because the water is so clear and shallow, under normal conditions you wouldn't see the bottom so the only shadow you would see would be on top of the water as it would if you were standing on solid ground. 
Why can't we see the very bottom of the boat through the water...?
You can't see the bottom of the boat because the surface of the water is distorting the image. As you can see the surface isn't flat so the light is refracted in all directions altering the image. 
I think they are messing with the Higgs Field.
you are so right when I first glanced at it..thought what is this..really neat photo...great capture..
Yea I can see that whoevr said that stuff smart guy
I so want to visit Greece. When things settle down.
Awe very tempting would love it
Looks Awesome with the shadow on the sea bed
The water is so clear as well as shallow that you can clearly see the shadow of the boat on the sea bed. I saw something similar in Mauritius once while sailing to Ile Aux Cerfs island.
i want to swim and play in that water and where is this
Hoax. No apparent refraction of light.
+Amber Raza I'd seen this previously but labeled as Malta, not Greece. Do we know who took it?
I've seen the water on the southern shore of Crete appear the same way. Greece is beautiful!
looks like a hoax to me,  as tim mentions no refraction, there would be something alomg the waterline of the boat also
That pols awesome u have a good pic

that is so nice its so beautiful wow
Heh, I thought is was, there for a second.
Photoshop is getting pretty good these days 
go to bear lake its so claer u can see atleast ten feet down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Amazingly clear! Looking forward to going to Greece this Friday :)
Beautiful pic. One of my nest trip is to your country. 
I've been to Greece!!! It's soooo beautiful!!
Ron Weasley: "Wingardium Leviosa!"
Hermione: "You're saying it wrong. It's Wing-gar-dium Levi-o-sa, make the 'gar' nice and long."
Well.. Not sure but it really looks like floating.. Wonder if that's ilution or Photoshop..
yap that's true, seems like the boat is floating on the air..
Thanks Juan for u comments....its not a photoshop work,its a real photo shout. 
No photoshop. You're seeing the shadow of the boat on the sand below.
omg........hahahahaha i  thought  it  is funny bc i have never seen that befor
Anyone that thinks this is a hoax is a moron. The water is clear with no rocks or anything on the bottom so you have no depth of field. This is what gives it the impression of floating. Water is transparent so you can't gauge distance accurately.
If you look you can see the anchor chain hits the water level with the boat touching the water.
And how can anyone say there's no refraction of light? Every time light passes through water or glass the direction of light is altered.
Try holding your hand out fingers open pointing upwards when in the bath. Have just your finger tips sticking out of the water and you will notice that your fingers appear much shorter and fatter than they are. This is due to the light being refracted by the water as it acts like light passing through a lens.

can I ask that which location is this? ? ?
it's not floating.. ii can see the water by the boat.. on the sides
I dont care if its real or photo shopped i Just want to be in that water its amazingly beautiful Great picture thanks gives me something to fantasize about today here desert and 105+ outside LOL have a terrific day
ya, it is beautiful water... :) i agree with you Traci
Yes o know i have a mispelled word this may to phone dosent always post what i write,so no need to point out obvious errors thanks
Nice. This reminds me of Belize. That's how clear it is when the seas are calm.
It looks like a flying baot
The shadow makes it look like its floating. Not th water.
It's the heavy shadow of the boat on the bottom of the water. Wow, I would love to take a dive into those waters. Nice!
This image is a fake, it has been retouched. Notice the bottom of the boat matches the height of the persons feet. If the water is so clear, why don't you see the rest of the boats hull in the water? It would be distorted like it's shadow but you could still see it under the water.
Atokos Island, Greece.
This is gorgeous.
just dont look at it then!!! lol
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nice it seems to be a miracle.........
It is floating.....
looks good enough to drink to
hi, it really looks like it is floating on air, very nice picture. thanx.
Totally fake.  Where is the ripple effect in the water from the boat?  You can see ripples on the surface of the water throughout the whole picture, why is the boat somehow magically immune? If the water is so clear, why can't we see the anchor line underwater, or the anchor itself on the bottom?  Come on people, use your brains!
whoa, unbelievable!!! very cool, gonna definitely have to plan a trip there...
i thought 4 a sec it waz in the air
wow! at first, I really thought of the floating boat in Peter Pan. This is so nice! :)
Awesome contrast of natural colors
C尺αzψ απδ cøøl 
Definitely not fake.. That's how clear the water is in Hawaii and you can definitely see the shadow of the boat in the water because the ocean floor is shallow in that area.
It kinda depends on the perspective you look at it from.
very cool.  I know it's floating but an alien can sees it as hoovering.
Is this really real?
If yes...... Wow
If no....... Aou 
Now that is some clear water! Cool!
Impossible if it was real the shadow would not be there 
That is incredibly clear and beautiful water....

Easier for the sharks to spot dinner, er, I mean swimmers!
Wow amazing ilusion, i hope one time be there
Wow.It really does! I want to swim there.
chris s
Poor photo chop. Nice thought though
I've been snorkeling near this beach, it's gorgeous.
Oh thats weird i thought it was floating but i guess its not 
It reminds me of the waters around Grand Cayman
That's pretty amazing. I wish I was there.
I thought it was when I first looked at it! lol Wow!
Elise H
Gorgeous! If that's real, I'm so there.
Great an earthly paradise...
wow! What a cool pic!
Блииин, жаль лепет ваш плохо разбираю. Это ещё и Грииисс. Очень cool
The clearer the water, the less life there is in it. Still, a great picture!
That's what I'm calling the beauty of nature
wow i thought the boat was air born LoL :) :) :) :) :) :P
It appears to be just like Greece's economy... propped up by nothing! Thank you everybody, I'll be here all night!
Nice, this can actually be use an optical illusion in a movie with the right angel and a bit of photoshop it can become the futuristic water world.
This picture brought me to climax. 
Gilz T
That water looks so refreshing!
Gotta be an illusion or trick photography
r u kidding me ..!?!? i thought it is floating ...tht is awesome !!
Hung Vu
Very nice,how can I come that?
Some of you are calling this fake or photoshopped. Incorrect. It is a natural illusion cause by our mind incorrectly calculating where the surface of the water is. If one looks closely, one can see that the glints of sunlight from the ripples on the water are over the shadow. Looking at that helped shatter the illusion for me. Also if you look closely at the bottom of the boat you can see the refraction of the water.
isnt that the SHADOW of the boat? I can see the shadow of the mountain on the same angle...
It is a cool illusion thanks to the shadow on an almost plain surface....
Just an Inspiration to imagine, what all makes up this incredible social charm of those beautiful Greeks, that one would'nt want to leave again: attention, Danger of great heartache...
Looks like someone dumped a big ass packet of Kool-aid in that water.
That is some beautiful water! 
I see a rope going down at an angle, and then just vanishing.  If the shadow of the boat on the bottom is visible, shouldn't the anchor be equally visible?  cheap photoshop...
A lot of people are saying it looks like it's floating.
Well it is floating. It's just floating on water, not air.
You se it, you understand it but your mind still says it is out of the water. Great image.
That looks so awesome I wish I was there
Seems like it is floating, there is a full shadow underneath...hmmm!
now matter how many times i see this, i still have to look twice! 
This is totally photoshopped. You can see the surface of the water, and if the water was so clear why can't you see the anchor rope under the water as well?
Very cool effect. I didn't see it until I read the description.
Optical Illusion! really great shot .
This work is professional, Good & Nice. 
isn't amazing my dreamy country? Greece!!!!
would luff to swm on tat water n I lov it man.
I first thought it was Photoshopped until I zoomed in. It's for real. Now that is clear water.

Damn I can't wait to go there, hopefully to retire since even a mediocre Social Security check will be enough to live in the birthplace of Western science, medicine and philosophy. 
hmmmm beautiful and wholesome
That water is so beautiful, I could spend forever in there and stay happy wow, never seen water that color so beautiful and calming
Look closely you see the water is higher on the side in middle of boat, it's shadow on bottom the boats in the water and beautiful
I said it before, that's amazing, so beautiful. I just want told be in that water asap! !!so incredibly blue and clear, at same time. Just looks heavenly. .to spend a week living on ,or next to that would be a dream. :)
Donovan Vourilvee, mine too . This picture just put it higher up LOL
I want to GO for a ride on this boat, lololol
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