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gitinfo2  Release 2.0.5 is now available on CTAN and in TeX Live

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Organ Donation in the UK

While Wales has switched to an "opt-out" system, England is still dithering with "opt-in". Clearly opt-out is better, but from what I've seen of the system in Wales, it needs significant improvement.

In particular, it makes no allowance for those who wish to donate their bodies to a local university's school of anatomy, for teaching or research.

I recently opted out, because I intend to donate my whole body in this way. But there are inefficiencies here:

* If, for some reason, my body isn't suitable for medical school (maybe I've been mangled in an accident), then my (remaining) organs cannot be used because of my opt-out. Which is bureaucratically silly. 

* If many people decide to donate their whole bodies, this might exacerbate the current organ shortage.

So the system needs at least three options: 

Opt-in (as default); or

Partial opt-out: allow organ donation if the designated teaching institution cannot use the whole body; or

Full opt-out

At least, then, one wouldn't have to be annoyed by the condescending letter which says "We're sorry you've decided not to donate", when what I've done is actually to donate, but elsewhere.

Of course, this is predicated on a certain degree of IT competence on the part of, so I'm not holding my breath.

"Quantum medicine" is like this: as soon as you open the door to enter the consulting room, the doctor looks at you, tosses a coin, and says either "Alive" or "Dead".

(The doctor's name is, usually, Schrödinger)

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What a pity, to see a once-great newspaper lower itself to the level of government intestine.

Not one substantiated fact.

Not one identified source.

Some (deliberate?) factual errors.

Please feel free to correct my German. It's by no means my first language, but it's the right language for the subject.

Ein großer Trauer hat sich über alle Liebhaber der Typografie gefallen.

Aber die Freude durch das Leben und Werk von Hermann Zapf gegeben lebt weiter.

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Messing around with my new flashgun
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